Eltayeb Bashar

Eltayeb Bashar
Birmingham University

Elt's expertise is in Human rights topics, International Relations, UK & US Politics, and Student News.

  • Elt is the incoming Editor in Chief at The Birmingham Tab. He edits news and write his own articles. He wants to use this position to shed light on important topics affecting students.
  • Elt is CEO of the non-profit organisation and registered charity, The Anti-Racism Initiative. In this position he helps champion historically underrepresented racial minority voices through community initiatives.
  • He is currently completing a political affairs internship with The Borgen Project. He mobilises members of his constituency to get involved in politics and contact their MP with view to get them to support prioritising (The ODA) as a measure to end world poverty.


Elt is a published poet who has contributed to poetry anthologies and has partaken in essay competitions. He joined The Birmingham Tab in May 2024 and looks forward to applying his writing experience to this post.


Having graduated with his LLB law (Hons) degree in 2023, he is preparing to undertake a masters in international human rights law at The University Of Birmingham in September 2024.


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