Drag Race Rich List: Which season two UK queen is making the most on Instagram?

Imagine making nearly £2k for ONE post

With many weeks of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK and the rising fame of the contestants, there’s no doubt all the queens’ Instagram following has increased dramatically and, with that, what they’re making per post has skyrocketed.

The final has come around too quickly and will air on BBC Three tomorrow at 7pm, marking the end of our all-time favourite Drag Race series. Depending on who is crowned the winner and who stirs the pot the most in the reunion show, it’s guaranteed the numbers below will continue to rise. However, for right now, this is how much each season two Drag Race UK queen earns per Insta post.

Which season two Drag Race UK queens make the most on Instagram?

Bimini Bon Boulash

Price per post: £1,800

At the top of the Instagram Rich List is Bimini Bon Boulash who could earn nearly two grand for one post. Bimini has the most followers out of all the UK queens with 499k fans.

Her Insta handle is @biminibabes and her page consists of her best runway looks, her Bimini Store merch, modelling shots, Drag Race clips and sexy selfies. Bimini posts constantly on her page making her a very worthy follow.

Credit: Instagram


Price per post: £1,600 

The second member of the top four is also number two on the Insta Rich List. Tayce could make £1.6k for a single post – a single finger tap and BAM a month’s salary. If you’re a big Tayce fan then follow her and mention her in your story, she reshares almost all the tags.

Tayce’s Insta has 428k followers and is full of stunning selfies, Drag Race looks and Lives.

Credit: Instagram

Lawrence Chaney

Price per post: £1,200

Next up is Lawrence Chaney with 299,000 followers and the potential to earn over a grand for one post. Lawrence is less active than the previous queens, mostly posting Drag Race looks and vids, and resharing clips on her story.

Credit: Instagram


Price per post: £1,000

Hitting number four on the list is A’Whora who could earn £1,000 for a post to her 264k followers. Like Tayce, A’Whora is a loyal sharer so if you tag her in your story or post, she’s likely to reshare onto her Insta.

A’Whora is very active on her page and provides funny impressions, photoshoot pics and amazing looks.

Credit: Instagram

Tia Kofi

Price per post: £826.70

Tia Kofi is next on the list, earning just over £800 for an Instagram post. Tia was the relatable, hot mess contestant of this series but her Insta is the exact opposite. Tia’s page has 202k followers and is full of model shoots, campy looks and selfies.

Credit: Instagram

Joe Black

Price per post: £658.47

Number six is Joe Black, the double-eliminated queen from Brighton. Joe’s Instagram is full of dramatic looks inspired by cabaret and gothic styles. Her page has over 157k followers.

Credit: Instagram

Veronica Green

Price per post: £580.74

Next up is series sweetheart Veronica Green. Veronica could be making over £500 for a single post to her 137,000 followers. Although many of the other queens have posted the looks they would’ve shown in the challenges following their elimination, Veronica is much quieter on her page (maybe because she doesn’t want to spoil her looks before her potential return next season).

If you follow her, you’ll get selfies, looks and a few reshares of fan art.

Credit: Instagram

Cherry Valentine

Price per post: £542.05

Cherry Valentine comes next on the list. Cherry was the second queen to be eliminated and became famous for her laugh and being an Alan Cumming look-a-like. Cherry has the potential to make up to £542 per post to her 130k followers.

Cherry’s page consists of Drag Race looks, shoots and selfies in her nurse’s scrubs.

Credit: Instagram

Ginny Lemon

Price per post: £476.46

Ginny Lemon comes surprisingly low on this list considering she was a fan favourite right up to her iconic walk-out lip-sync performance. Ginny could be earning over £470 per post and has 112,000 followers.

Ginny’s page is highly entertaining with comedy sketches, piss-take videos, funny selfies and Drag Race best bits.

Credit: Instagram

Asttina Mandella

Price per post: £429.94 

At the start of the bottom three is Asttina Mandella, the contestant who made ASOS jackets runway-famous. Asstina earns around £429 per Instagram post to her 102k followers. Her page is really fun with loads of different content, including videos, amazing looks and selfies.

Credit: Instagram

Ellie Diamond

Price per post: £384.37

Despite being a member of the top four, Ellie Diamond is second from the bottom for Insta earnings. Ellie could make up to £384 per post on her page of nearly 95k followers.

As she’s still in the competition, her page is mostly full of Drag Race shoot pics and looks, as well as cute behind the scene cast pics.

Credit: Instagram

Sister Sister

Price per post: £188.01

At the bottom of the list is Sister Sister who makes the least out of the UK queens. Despite being the lowest Insta earner, she could still earn nearly £200 just for posting a pic.

Sister’s page has 45.1k followers and contains drag looks, selfies and IGTVs showing off her new teeth.

Credit: Instagram

Data from SlotsUp.

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