Love is Blind parents: Who are the mums and dads of the cast?

Time to finally meet Jessica’s parents !!!

Love is Blind is over, and the reunion has been watched – feeling sad and little bit lost? Aren’t we all. We’re all desperate to know every little bit of new gossip about the casts’ lives. We know what they’re up to now, what they actually do according to their LinkedIns and we know all the behind-the-scenes secrets. Although we briefly got to meet some of their parents, some were missed out and the ones we did see we didn’t see enough of.

Here’s everything we know about the casts’ parents, their best moments on the show and the cutest Insta pics of their family.

Mike and Julie, Jessica’s parents

Jessica’s parents were one of the parents that we didn’t get to see on the series. People have speculated that it’s because they weren’t supportive of the process, others have reported it’s because they live in Illinois and the show was filmed in Atlanta. 

In an Instagram post from 2014, Jess is pictured with her dad, Mike, and her brother. From the show, we know her parents are divorced, Reality Titbit reported that her dad is now married to Sara Batten and her mum is called Julie.

Ramiro and Rosa, Mark’s parents

Mark’s mum was definitely one of the best parents. Mark clearly adored his mum and we get why – she was a straight-talking, powerful lady. Her distress after Jessica left him at the altar was heart-breaking and her eye-rolling reaction to Jess walking away was iconic.

We also met his dad briefly at the dinner table, who seemed annoyed by the whole situation and then surprised everyone at the end when he said he was happy for them and smiled.

Mark posts a lot of pictures of him and his mum. He also posted this pic of the two of them and his twin sister.

Milady, Giovanni and Oscar, Gigi’s Mum, dad and stepdad

When Gigi’s family came over for dinner it was pure entertainment. Firstly, her mum’s called Milady which is amazing. Also, the way they greeted each other at the door with an in-sync scream was great.

Gigi’s dad is called Giovanni and her stepdad is called Oscar.

A few people have been reacting to Milady’s reaction to her daughter being left at the altar – running over to Gigi and saying “everything is shit” in Spanish is a mood. She then became inconsolable and Gigi had to comfort her.

Gigi posts a lot about her mum on Instagram. This pic of the two of them is captioned: “Reasons I love this picture: 1. My mum looks 🔥 2. Proof that I have a 90% success rate of being a hot mom too”.

Damian’s parents

We never got to meet Damien’s parents on Love is Blind because they refused to meet Gigi. We don’t know their names but Damien did post this picture with his mum on Insta, after he completed a sky dive.

Pamela and Bill, Lauren’s parents

The iconic pair that was Lauren’s hilarious mum, Pamela, and her cut-throat dad, Bill. Her mum provided non-stop laughs, and was probably more value to the show than Kenny and Kelly.

Lauren reposted the moment when they laughed over how pushy her mum is for Lauren to find a husband. She captioned it: “😂😂😂 #FINALLY. Who can relate to the ‘When you gon get a husband and give me some grand babies?’ talks with Mom 😂🤦🏾‍♀️… BTW 👉🏽 #LoveIsBlind is the #1 show on @netflix 📺🙌🏾🙏🏾✨😘🥰 Thank you EVERYONE for watching!!! And REWATCHING! Then watching it one more time ❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE YALL so much! My extended family. Y’all ready for Thursday? 👀”

Lauren’s dad, Bill, came across as a stern, scary dad and we all felt very sorry for Cameron. However, when he broke down after seeing Lauren in her wedding dress we melted for him.

Apparently, he was also presented in a much harsher light than was accurate. In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Lauren said: “I have been watching the show and I wouldn’t say it was misleading, but I think that my father came across like, ‘Oh, I don’t like him because he’s white’ and that wasn’t even really the case”.

She added: “My dad was just concerned with his daughter going on a show, meeting a man through a wall, as any protective father would be. He wanted to make sure whoever this person was that they were the right person for his daughter. So in some ways, I thought that came across a little cloudy.”

Pamela, Cameron’s mum

We only met Cameron’s mum briefly at his wedding. Apparently, Lauren did meet his parents but it wasn’t aired. Cameron doesn’t have any pictures of his mum or other family members on his Instagram but we do know his mum’s called Pamela and that they’re pretty close – shown when she cried because she didn’t want to lose him after he gets married.

Liz and Jeff, Kelly’s parents

Kelly’s parents added flawless entertainment value throughout – starting with their generally great nature and acceptance towards the show, and then their incredible reactions to Kelly saying no at the altar.

Kelly posts a lot of family pics of her Insta. Including this one of her and her mum on Kelly’s wedding day, with a long caption all about how incredible her mum is.

She also posted this adorable pic of her, her dad Jeff and her sister on Christmas Day.

Jeff and Marcia, Kenny’s parents

Kenny’s parents made a great impression on the show. Kenny’s dad is also called Jeff and is seriously attractive. To be honest, Kenny’s whole family is stunning. The care-free support his parents had for Kenny is admirable.

Vickie and Pat, Amber’s mum and stepdad

It was hard not to love Amber’s mum. Firstly, how she managed to parent someone like Amber deserves respect, but also her reaction to Barnett was very cute – crying because she just wanted her daughter to be treated right. Amber posted this picture of her and her mum, captioned “Celebrating another 365 days of having the best mom possible #birthdaydinner #loveher”.

Deb and David, Barnett’s parents

Amber’s meeting with Barnett’s parents was pretty uncomfortable. Barnett’s mum, Deb, didn’t seem to be a huge fan and his dad, David, just sat on his phone lol.

This tweet of his dad’s reaction at the wedding sums up his parents’ views on the whole show – literally just what the fuck are you doing?

Barnett has posted quite a few pics of him and his family. Including this one of them on holiday with his brother.

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