What the Love Is Blind casts’ jobs actually are, according to their LinkedIns

Guess who was a professional dog bather?

One of the very puzzling questions we all have about the Love Is Blind cast is what the hell are their actual jobs? Regional manager? Of what exactly? Because the possibilities are endless.

The Love Is Blind cast job titles were very vague and didn’t allow us to get to know our favourite contestants well enough. We know Cameron is a scientist, but what exactly does he study? These are the facts the people need to know.

So after some extreme digging through their LinkedIns, we’ve managed to find out what the jobs of the Love Is Blind cast actually are.

Here are the Love Is Blind cast’s LinkedIns:


Cameron is a data scientist consultant and has one of the most impressive LinkedIns I’ve ever seen. He’s got over 500 connections and three degrees. Three!!

He gained a bachelors degree in Psychology at Bates college. Cameron then got a Master’s Degree in Neurophilosophy at Georgia State University and his third and final degree is a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Georgia.

Over the years Cameron has worked as a web designer, a wild land firefighter and a data scientist. Seriously is there anything this man can’t do?

Whilst at Georgia State University, Cameron lectured to over 160 students. Imagine being a student in his lecture? Don’t think I’d be able to concentrate.

When he was filming Love Is Blind in 2018, Cameron was working as a data scientist. In the last few months Cameron has been working at CNN as a Data Science consultant but left the job in December.

Suspicious timing for a guy who wants to set up a YouTube channel with his wife.


According to Lauren’s LinkedIn, her claim to fame came from modelling. Not being part of the most loved up couple on a hit Netflix show.

Her bio claims she was “an international cover girl and calendar model of one of the largest biker magazines in the world”.

Lauren’s profile also says she is “using her voice to educate, inspire and provoke positive change in people’s lives”. And honestly, she has changed my life by making me believe love does actually exist.

Lauren is listed as the Owner/ CEO of The Speed Brand, which is a multimedia company that offers photography and video editing services.

Before setting up her own brand Lauren was a media co-ordinator and worked at CBS. She got a Bachelors degree in Electronic Media and Film.

What a power couple Lauren and Cameron are.


Ok, so we already knew Mark was a fitness trainer. That description on the show wasn’t hard to figure out.

But according to his LinkedIn, since leaving Love Is Blind, he’s working as a sales manager for a fitness company alongside being a PT there.

Whilst he was filming he was a trainer at a F45 gym. Mark attended Georgia State University from 2014 to 2018, just after Cameron left the University.

Mark gained a marketing degree and was Vice President of a frat house. Kinda shocked not going to lie.


Hidden amongst Barnett’s heavily detailed LinkedIn about his many engineering jobs is a great fact – he worked as a Professional Dog Bather for 11 months!!

Now Barnett is an assistant project manager at New South Construction, looking at environmental engineering and oil and gas. Previously he worked as a project engineer for four years, which is the job he had whilst filming Love Is Blind.

Barnett received a BSc in environmental engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

His LinkedIn still has details of the volunteering he did, including being part of a Hurricane Katrina response team and teaching children football.


Kenny’s LinkedIn begins with a simple quote “Compel events to occur according to plan” which he’s attributed to Rick Stein.

Does he mean the British chef with fish restaurants in Cornwall? Cause that seems like a weird crossover.

After a detailed Google search, the quote hasn’t been attributed to anyone.

Kenny is currently a Lighting Controls Sales Manager since he moved to North Carolina. When he was living in Atlanta and filming for Love Is Blind Kenny worked in sales for a different lighting company.

One person has recommended Kenny as “a stand up guy!” and I couldn’t agree more.


According to Kelly’s bio she’s had “a year of investing in my personal growth, expanding my mindset, and improving my emotional intelligence” aka being on a Netflix show and friend zoneing dear sweet Kenny.

On the other hand her LinkedIn is uber impressive and she’s had a great career. Kelly’s current job is working as a Strategic Account Manager for a company that assists speech and physical therapists in finding new jobs.

Kelly is a certified holistic health and empowerment coach, as well as a personal trainer. Kelly used to work at the workout app, Aaptiv, as a fitness coach, recording and producing workouts.


Despite our efforts, Giannina’s LinkedIn was never to be found, so we’ll never truly know what it means to be a  “soulpreneur”.

However, on her Instagram story Gigi revealed one of her first jobs was in social media for Universal Orlando.

via Instagram @gianninagibelli


Damian is also very much hidden on LinkedIn, but we do know he was a general manager of an industrial supplies company before going on Love Is Blind.

Since filming ended Damian has been involved in a non-profit organisation “Brawl for a Cause” which runs charity boxing matches and was set up by another Love Is Blind contestant Matt Thomas.

Jessica and Amber

Unfortunately our two favourite girls have no information available about their careers online so we will never know what Jessica is the regional manager of. Sad times.

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