Quiz: How far would you get in Love Is Blind?

I’d probably get left in the pods

Please don’t read if you want to avoid spoilers!!

Love Is Blind is the wildest dating show, probably ever. It’s based on the concept of getting engaged to someone you’ve never met after talking to them for 10 days.

The reunion is on Thursday and we’ll be able to see which couples are still married. A lot of people tried to get to that happy stage of matrimony but only two couples said I do, after 30 contestants entered the pods.

Some were destined to fail in love and not make it out of the pods. Some couples got engaged but weren’t shown. One couple ended their relationship in Mexico. And five made it down the aisle.

We’ve all watched Love Is Blind and questioned how far we think we would get. Would you find someone you’d actually connect with even if you couldn’t see them? Or if someone did propose to you, would logic kick in and you’d realise getting married to someone you don’t know is actually madness?

Would you make it to Mexico and have a big argument over something they should have told you? Or worse, you find out they’re not fit?

And when it came down to the big question would you be able to say I do?

Take this quiz to find out how far you would get in Love Is Blind:

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