All the evidence that Love Is Blind is actually staged

Two people already knew each other and one couple decided to say no weeks before the weddings!

I really hate to say it, but there is a lot of evidence suggesting Love Is Blind is staged.

A Instagram account called Love Is Blind Tea, has been doing a lot of digging and found some true dirt on Netflix  which shows a good few moments in the show were all set up.

So with this savage Instagram account and our own FBI level investigation, we’ve found A LOT of evidence which suggests Love Is Blind is a lot more fake than we thought.

Here is all the evidence Love Is Blind is staged (sorry everyone):

Jessica and Kelly knew each before the show!!

The Love Is Blind Tea account shared an Instagram picture from 2015 of Jessica and Kelly together with a group of girls.

Jessica looks very different but there’s no denying it’s definitely those two.

The girls are all tagged and even though Kelly’s tag is a different one to her main profile, it’s still the real Kelly as the bio says “better Instagram account” and contains a link to her public profile. It also displays her website link.

Kenny and Kelly planned to not go through with the wedding weeks before

We all thought Kenny and Kelly were a wholesome power couple until Kelly dropped the ultimate bomb and friend zoned Kenny.

When Kelly said “I don’t” we all had no choice but to love Kenny when he made that really mature speech about the wedding not going ahead.

Well, turns out the reason he was so composed was because Kenny and Kelly had agreed to not say “I do” weeks before the wedding took place.

Kenny posted on Instagram they had decided not to go ahead with their wedding and engagement a number of weeks before the ceremony took place.

He said: “We made an agreement weeks prior to the wedding day that we were not getting married, let alone remain being engaged.

“Our emotions in response to the stress and exhaustion of filming (and of that particular moment) were very much real.”

via Instagram @loveisblindtea

He also addressed the comment he made before the wedding: “She’s the woman I’m supposed to be with.”

Kenny claimed he said the comment weeks before and it was in response to a hypothetical question.

He said: “For the record, the clip of me saying ‘she’s the woman I’m supposed to be with’ was recorded in response to a hypothetical question asked/recorded weeks prior to this day.

“Content, or lack there of, reduces context.”

Kelly confirmed they both agreed to say “I don’t” before they went down the aisle.

The glass Jessica used for her wine was switched in that dog feeding scene

Probably the most iconic and wildest moment of television ever, has turned out to be an editing slip up.

When Jessica was feeding her dog red wine we were in so much shock that we didn’t notice her glass had been swapped.

Jessica and Mark are sat on the sofa and she is holding an empty champagne flute in one hand and nothing in her other hand.

via Netflix

A minute later a wine glass full of red wine is in her hand and at no point is she seen getting up or switching it for one on the table.

via Netflix

How did that get there? And here she is feeding her dog red wine.

Gigi’s dress was covered in mud and then two seconds later it was clean???

Gigi and Damian’s wedding was so dramatic, honestly the glare that girl gives is terrifying and iconic. But there’s a lot of evidence that suggests the wedding was incredibly staged.

First of all, her wedding dress. When Gigi exited the building very quickly, she fell down and got covered in mud.

via Netflix

When she comes in a few minutes later to have that showdown with Damian, her dress is suddenly clean with no traces of mud.

We never see her clean it and instead she just walks straight back into the wedding venue.

via Netflix

The Love Is Blind tea account has shown pictures of the wedding, which show Gigi and Damian looking very happy and not at all like they just called off a wedding.

Swipe to the last photo and you will see the couple hugging.

All this evidence proves that Love Is Blind is nowhere near as romantic as we originally thought.

But obviously Cameron and Lauren’s relationship is 100 per cent real right?

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