Quiz: Which Love is Blind rival are you, Amber or Jessica?

You want to be Amber, but you’re probably Jess

The Love is Blind reunion gave us everything we’d hoped for. We found out that Gigi and Damien are back together and happier than ever, we finally got to hear the full story from Diamond and Carlton, and – most importantly – we saw Amber and Jessica awkwardly discuss the Barnett situation.

Amber got mad and called Jess “sheisty” and “fake”, and then Jess apologised and took it like a pro. It was outstanding TV. Watching it was like watching a replay of a typical night out with your girl group. Amber is the boss-ass bitch we’d all love to be like, Jessica is the confused mess that everyone relates to. But which one are you really? Are you the power figure of the group or the complete liability? Take our quiz to find out:

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