Love Is Blind production secrets: This is exactly how the show is made

Including what they ate and where they slept

After watching just one episode of Love Is Blind I have a lot of questions about the production. Like where is it filmed? Do they ever go outside? How many dates do they go on? Who is still together? Where do they sleep?

There’s a lot to answer. Good thing the contestants and crew have been VERY vocal about what went down in those pods. They’ve spilled a lot of secrets, including how many couples there were meant to be and the questions they asked each other in the pods.

These are all the production secrets from Netflix’s Love Is Blind:

The contestants could eat, paint, sleep, do yoga and literally anything else they wanted to in the pods

Our lovely sweet Rory who’s engagement wasn’t shown painted in the pod. The creator Chris Coelen said the contestants were in control of what they did on dates. So some of them would ask to share food, one couple shared a lasagne in their separate pods. They would occasionally fall asleep in the pods as they either got tired or liked being near their partner when they slept.

They could request certain snacks and alcohol

In an interview Kenny said the cast were able to request whatever they wanted, so he would frequently have Baileys and coffee. The producers were also super attentive at listening to what they all liked. Cameron said he and Lauren bonded over Hennessy and the next day they both had bottles of it in their pods.

The first initial dates they had is seven to nine minutes

Filming began with all them dating the 15 contestants of the opposite sex. The dates would last seven to nine minutes. After the dates, the contestants would rank all of their dates and the producers would then cross reference them.

The dates can literally last for hours

They would then only date eight people before progressing down to just dating two people. The dates would progress from 30 minutes to dates that lasted for hours, which is why some of them sound pretty drunk by the end of the dates.

It was filmed in 2018

Damian, the very sweet guy engaged to Gigi, spoke to Refinery29 and said they ended filming on November 15, 2018. The filming was for 38 days meaning they would have had to have started filming in October 2018. Wow. Imagine keeping your relationship a secret for that long.

There was only meant to be five couples at most

The show’s creator Chris Coelen said they didn’t think they’d get more than two couples but the aim was to get five. However they ended up with eight couples, one being Rory, who’s engagement wasn’t shown. They decided to progress with six couples for Mexico and beyond.

They heard each other through little speakers in the walls

The pods were soundproofed so no noise would come from other people’s dates. The pairs would hear each other through little speakers in the front wall.

They could talk about anything

The contestants weren’t told what to say and could talk about any topic. The creator said the producers never intervened and weren’t in the pods. The only time they did intervene was when they would suggest the contestants take a break and eat.

Some of the pod dates were just friends dates

Rory said as time went on the contestants would use their times in the pod just to have friendly chats or to get advice from someone. He said it was like therapy sessions and the girls would always cry during their dates with Rory cause he was so sympathetic. He said: “‘The girls would say ‘I have a date with Rory today, bring the tissues.'”

Group therapist Rory. via Netflix

Most of them asked what their date looked like

I swear they aren’t meant to do that? Isn’t this missing the entire point of the show? According to Rory a lot of the contestants asked their dates about their appearance but Rory wouldn’t do that, instead he would ask them what they were wearing. He said this was to get to know their style and to compliment them because he presumed they would have spent time getting ready for the date. What a cutie.

They didn’t actually sleep in the house!

Ok so this shocked me, Kenny said when they weren’t in the pod they would sleep in trailers in very basic beds. No way near as glamorous as I thought.

Nick and Vanessa actually are involved in the show

So despite appearances Nick and Vanessa apparently did quite a bit during filming. After all the dates they would interview the contestants to gauge how they were feeling.

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