These are the sassy Insta accounts of all the season 12 RuPaul’s Drag Race queens

They’re all kinds of sexy and powerful

Even though the season 12 queens can’t give too much away on their Instagrams while the series is going, they keep the Drag Race content coming in the long seven day gap between episodes. Their Instas are full of amazing photoshoots from the challenges, as well as their own memes and extra clips.

If you’re desperate for as much RuPaul’s Drag Race as poss, give them all a follow. Here are their Instas:

GiGi Goode

Insta handle: @thegigigoode

Gigi’s Instagram is honestly a dream to stalk. She posts pics in threes, with the same look but a different angle. As with everything Gigi, the aesthetic is bang on.

Heidi N Closet

Instagram handle: @heidincloset

Heidi’s account is a combination of her best looks from the show and her best comedy moments, including a one-second vid of her saying “I love toast” in last week’s challenge.

Crystal Methyd

Instagram handle: @crystalmethyd

Crystal’s Insta is just more of her wonderfulness. Most of her posts are a makeup look and a short clip from her YouTube channel of her doing this makeup. These short clips consist of her moaning and laughing and jangling her jewellery – maybe it’s an ASMR thing? I don’t know. Just watch them, they’re great.

Jaida Essence Hall

Instagram handle: @jaidaehall

Jaida’s insta consists of stunning pics of her in drag and hilarious memes of her saying “look over there” and “confusion” in last week’s challenge. She also posts a lot to her story, mostly fan posts of memes and art which is nice of Jaida.

Jackie Cox

Instagram handle: @jackiecoxnyc

Jackie’s also got a bit of a three-pic-theme going on. One of her three-pic-themes goes down instead of across which deserves a win in itself. She also does Insta stories out of drag looking very attractive with those amazing chunky glasses.

Widow Von’Du

Instagram handle: @thewidowvondu

Her Insta has a lot of clips from the show, makeup looks and sassy confessional moments.


Instagram handle: @janjanjan

Since she was eliminated, she’s been keeping her Instagram content flowing. She posts a lot of pics from the show, her own vids as well as an incredible transformation pic of her from 2015.


Instagram handle: @thebritafilter

Credit: Instagram

Brita’s Insta is full of pics from the show, memes and vids of her doing tutorials.

Nicky Doll

Instagram handle: @thenickydoll

Nicky Doll is another queen that puts a lot of effort into the aesthetics of her Instagram. She also posted a video of her teaching a friend, and fellow drag queen, her makeup whilst they chat to each other in French – it’s honestly beautiful.

Rock M. Sakura

Instagram handle: @rockmsakura

Rock M. Sakura’s Insta is a big ol’ ball of colour and fun and pretty jokes videos – still can’t believe she got kicked out so early.

Dahlia Sin

Instagram handle: @dahlia_sin

Credit: Instagram

Apart from all the fire posts, the best part of Dhalia’s Insta is the pic of her and her broccoli costume.

Aiden Zhane

Instagram handle: @aiden_zhane

Aiden posts a lot fun pics of her cool looks on her page. She also seems to be one of the only queens with merch – a t-shirt of her going “ooo booo” HA.

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