Maddy Mussen
Assistant Editor

Here are 35 of the best quaranmemes to come out of lockdown week two

Once again I am looking at memes just to feel something

Who is Madison Thompson? The new up and coming star of Netflix’s Ozark

She’s a bit of a vibe uno

We asked people what they’re planning to do the moment they get out of lockdown

‘I’m gonna get so drunk I throw up by 7pm’

Which member of BoJo’s official emergency coronavirus government team are you?

Tag yourself I’m Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jenny Harries

Take this quiz to find out if your relationship would survive quarantining together

Forget Casa Amor, this is the ultimate relationship test

What is the Until Tomorrow trend on Instagram and why is literally everyone doing it?


We asked the students in quarantine at uni why they chose a student house over home

‘We’re going to make a house Tik Tok account’

Best dressed in lockdown: The sickest looks from students in quarantine

They look so good it’s almost contagious

If you can’t ace this Physical Geography GCSE exam you’re slower than a meander

Oxbow lake more like Oxbow FAKE

Boys are shaving their heads in quarantine and we asked them what they were thinking

How’s it going, not so slim shady?

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what posh girl name you should have

Are you more of an Arabella or a Phoebe?

We asked students about little things driving them absolutely insane in quarantine

‘My dad goes to the toilet with the door open’

Tell us your quarantine routine and we’ll tell you how much of a detty pig you are

Take the quiz to see just how detty you are

How to sext like a sexy lil pro, by an expert sexter

A sextpert, if you will

Man dies after stabbing on Mitchell Street early this morning

A murder investigation has been opened

QUIZ: Are you more of a Gabriella or Sharpay?

T for Take This Quiz

QUIZ: How well do you actually remember the Twilight saga, you little nerd?

Come and have a go, spider monkey

Kasbah to hold loo roll and hand sanitiser giveaway night despite nationwide shortages

Read the room, guys

Cov Uni cancels all face-to-face teaching and moves exams online

Libraries and facilities will remain open

‘People in the UK are naive’: Italian students on watching their country suffer from afar

‘You can face prison if you’re seen outside without valid reason’