Maddy Mussen

Here’s why you should write for The Coventry Tab

It’s basically just a really good time

Coventry’s new adult ball pit bar is everything we didn’t know we needed

It’s finally acceptable to submerge yourself in balls

Shoppers in Gosford Sainsbury’s locked in as group wield knives outside

Luckily no one was harmed

Coventry University has won The Sunday Times’ University of the Year for Student Experience award

As well as ranking fourth in the West Midlands

Two men shot on Far Gosford Street just four days before Freshers

Armed police were called to the scene

The Kasbah refurb has been revealed and it is INSANE

That gold hand is an Insta waiting to happen

One of the new Love Island contestants is a student at Coventry University

Not only that, he’s a local too!

This ‘which sandwich is your uni?’ article is the best thing since sliced bread

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a ‘Just Ham’ sandwich, probably

Girls who take a snack with them on a night out are the true brains of this country

They really are the heroes of our generation

Two Warwick students have started an Insta to shame the men who catcall them

They set it up in light of the Warwick boys group chat

All the struggles you will encounter living with a Northerner

The words bath and grass are hotly debated

Which iconic Vine is your Cov Uni halls?

You can’t say you haven’t wondered

There’s a new, very specific North/South divide map based on whether you say ‘dinner’ or ‘tea’

Lincolnshire and Shropshire are in the North, apparently

Don’t panic, but Pizza Express are giving away free pizzas RIGHT NOW

Literally all you have to do is download their app

These are the universities paying for Irish students to go home and vote in the abortion referendum

Universities are calling it a ‘political donation’

Exposed: Cov Uni Cricket have a group chat where players rate girls they’ve just had sex with

One message reads: ‘Her pussy is so wide you could fit a bus in there’

Yoga classes on the roof of The Hub and vintage sales: Here’s everything happening for Green Week 2018

It’s all in the name of saving the environment

Campus style: It’s term two and -2 degrees outside

People are stepping up their game this term

Big beats are the best, get high all the time: Super Hans is coming to Kasbah!

This is outrageous!

Kate Middleton and Prince William are visiting Cov Uni this month!

Bump into them and ask them to pay off your student loan lol