Maddy Mussen
Assistant Editor

Meet the Durham uni students bringing the life back to Durham’s nightlife

Pls sir can I have some vibes

McDonald’s has answered our prayers and FINALLY extended breakfast hours

Let’s McFreaking lose it!

Can someone tell me why loads of fit boys have mullets now?

It just doesn’t make sense

There’s a Friends reunion in the works and Jennifer Anniston just confirmed it

Could I BE anymore excited?!

The Greggs festive menu is here and there are pigs in blankets!!!

Is this a dream

Durham students steal housemate’s whole bed as part of a house prank war

They hid every part of her bed in a different flat

Always is getting rid of the female symbol on packaging to be more inclusive

The packaging will be changed from December

Pick a drunk snack and we’ll tell you exactly how middle class you are

Are you more garlic mayo or olive tapenade

Players Bar isn’t actually closing down

It was all just a big rumour

There was a shooting outside Gosford Sainsbury’s last night

A shotgun was fired

Quiz: What percentage 🤪 are you?

You know what I mean

The Tories are raising the National Living Wage for everyone over 21

But only in 2024

Two Belfast students have died during Freshers’ Week

Tributes have been paid

Tommy Fury’s ex Millie Roberts is a Chemistry student at Man Met

Do you think she can rap the periodic table

Ex-Bake Off contestant reveals what it’s really like inside that steamy tent

They film for 13 hours a day jheeez

QUIZ: What percentage Softboi are you?

If you own one of those roll beanies it’s automatically 100 per cent

All the questions you need to stop asking LGBT+ people about their sex lives

Google exists for a reason

VOTE: Who is the most iconic Great British Bake Off contestant ever?

Noel doesn’t count

These 22 Spongebob memes are so funny they’ll make you say Ight Imma Head Out

This is the best thing since French Spongebob

Twilight is the most disturbing film of all time and you’re sick in the head for loving it

I feel gross what were we THINKING