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QUIZ: Order a Wagamama meal and we’ll tell you what your type is

Edamame eaters love soft bois you heard it here first

QUIZ: Which Umbrella Academy family member are you?

Me and Klaus are spiritually aligned I can just feel it x

Even though we’re all adults take this quiz to see which 1D boy you’d end up with

Please god give me Harry

Where are all the T4 presenters now? From Alexa Chung to Steve Jones

One of them was fired for calling Kesha the C word

‘It’s a problem in the entire industry’: Sex workers on the calls to boycott PornHub

‘They have the money to do better and they need to’

‘I’d love to have coupled up with Maura’: Megan Barton Hanson on being bi in the public eye

The chaotic queen MBH talked to The Tab about all things bisexuality for Pride month

Jack Edwards on college potatoes, Jimmy’s and life as a semi-famous Durham student

‘I’m constantly trying to prove I’m not a dick’

I’ve boycotted porn for seven years, and you need to as well

There is no vetting process for so many of these sites: anything could be uploaded. And it is

You can’t call yourself an ally if you’re dating a boy who’s subtly homophobic

Sorry but if you let him get away with saying ‘that’s so gay’ you’re part of the problem

‘I’m honestly thriving now’: We asked people who got 2:2s how they dealt with it

It’s really not the end of the world

Let’s settle this once and for all: Which Sex and the City gal are you?


All the Tati, Jeffree, Shane Dawson and James Charles drama explained

This is one big ol’ mess

Africa by Toto is officially over. Stop playing this song at parties

If you use your one song on the aux to play this you’re a narc

We asked boys how often they wash their sheets and wow, they are filthy


Confirmed: Riverdale is officially the dumbest thing to ever come out of Netflix

Over 3000 of you voted

Subway wrappers and pinky promises: The best Depop Dramas to come out of lockdown

This truly is our light through the darkness

We asked Year 13s what they think the stereotype of every uni is

One girl said she had ‘literally never even heard of Sheffield uni’

Mean Girls is actually really awful. Here are the receipts

UnFRieNdLy bLaCk HoTtiEs?

QUIZ: Which member of Scooby Doo’s Mystery Inc are you?

Tag yourself I’m Daphne’s gogo boots x

365 Days is actually extremely harmful and should never have been put on Netflix

This movie is rape culture incarnate

VOTE: What is the straight up dumbest thing to have ever been put on Netflix?

From 365 Days to Riverdale, we really have been taken for fools

Every time Massimo from 365 Days was the most problematic love interest EVER

This man is a KIDNAPPER (but he’s fit)

How to get that vibey Disclosure sketch face filter on Instagram

The sketch filter is honestly doing bits

27 reasons why ‘365 Days’ is the worst thing Netflix has ever produced

‘Are you lost baby girl’ is enough reason on its own

If you’re a girl dating a boy who’s subtly racist, you’re part of the problem

Teach him or dump him. You have no excuse

Durham student tries to organise mock trial for murder of George Floyd

She was looking for someone to play the role of Derek Chauvin, George Floyd’s killer

Black student told by uni to ‘seek anger management’ after tweeting about politics

They opened an investigation into her personal tweets

Racial preferences are the final taboo of dating. It’s time to call them out

They have no place on dating apps, and by extension, no place in real life

This is what it’s like to work in a socially distanced McDonald’s during lockdown

Staff stay in designated sections separated by ‘shower doors’

This is what it’s like to be a young person who’s shielding right now

‘Easing lockdown for us right now feels like a recipe for disaster’

QUIZ: Which Scrubs character are you?


We asked bouncers about the most annoying things students do in clubs

Stop CLIMBING THINGS for goodness sake

Quiz: Tell us your post lockdown plans and we’ll tell you where you’re from

It’s only the North if you’re gagging for some chips in gravy right now

How is Gogglebox actually filmed? Here are all the behind the scenes secrets

From how the families were picked to crews set up in the kitchen, here’s all the deets

If you can’t get 12/15 on this The Simpsons classic trivia quiz, you’re a steamed sham

My pride is at stake here

Ryan Murphy is making an AHS spin off called, um, ‘American Horror Stories’?

Surprise bet you thought you’d seen the last of me – Ryan Murphy, at least once a year

The best quarantine glow ups from people mixing up their looks in lockdown

I live for the lil E-girl hair strips

I went official with my boyfriend in lockdown before we had even met

And then we moved in together for a week

QUIZ: Would you end up with Cook or Freddie from Skins?

The ULTIMATE decision

What the Kardashians looked like in the first season of KUWTK compared to now

Kourtney knows where the fountain of youth is and she’s not telling us

We asked bartenders the worst things you can do while ordering at the bar

Can you please not whisper your order, sir

This is how much all the One Direction boys are worth now, from most to least minted

I’ve got dollar signs in my eyes and marriage on my mind

This is how the Nobel prize winning Hinge algorithm actually works

Turns out the prompts you pick actually matter, huh

We asked bartenders what your drink of choice says about you

Only the most boring person in the room orders a gin and tonic, appaz x

The biggest differences between pulling in the UK and pulling in the USA

‘All the boys Tinder pics have guns and fish in them’

QUIZ: Should I do a panic Master’s or should I just grow up and cut the cord?

Look, if this legally binding quiz can’t help you, I don’t know what can

Dissecting all the bizarre moments from Robert Pattinson’s car crash profile in GQ

I just…love him?

‘It’s nothing like last month’: This is what lifting lockdown looks like across the world

‘We went for our first proper night out since lockdown last weekend’

Girls coming off the pill during lockdown are seeing how much it messes with their bodies

Hormonal acne is not the kinda comeback we love to see

11 nostalgic TV shows we watched as teens that you can rewatch now

Every season of Scrubs is available on All4!!!

People are dragging celebs ‘supposed’ Met Gala outfits for 2020 and I am LIVING

The Britney one oh my God

Don’t tell me to ‘watch my tone’. Sincerely, the angry women who are sick of it

So raising my voice makes me ‘over emotional’ but it makes a man a ‘great leader’, huh?

I really hate to break your teenage heart but Edward Cullen is totally abusive

We shouldn’t have fawned over him

Every salty thing Robert Pattinson has ever said about how much he hates Twilight

He ran out half way through the movie at THE PREMIERE!

BREAKING: Love Island is officially cancelled this year

The first time a series has been cancelled in the show’s history

What is the Hinge ‘Date From Home’ feature and should I be scared of it?

In short: No

‘I handed my diss in at 6k words’: Uni students on the paralysing effects of the pandemic

‘My entire plans for next two years just got cancelled in the space of a week – of course I’m missing deadlines’

BREAKING: Wetherspoons announces it will reopen ‘in or around June’

The company has made a statement

How to keep a conversation going with your romantic interest in lockdown

No dead convos allowed!

21 tweets about Connell from Normal People that are so thirsty they’ve been put on an IV

I bet he smells good

A detailed summary of Zayn and Gigi’s mad relationship timeline

To think it all started with the Pillow Talk music video!

We asked a bunch of girls and a psychiatrist why men wearing chains is so damn sexy

When it dangles into your mouth during sex? Unbeatable

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what your love language is

Are you more into physical touch or words of affirmation?

Listen up boys! This is how you take a good nude, from the girls that want them

There’s more than one way to take a dick pic, you know

We asked a psychologist and a sex expert why people have ‘types’

‘He’s so my type’ is actually rooted scientific fact, y’know

If the boy you’re texting in quarantine is showing any of these red flags, call it off

If he doesn’t like your selfies he’s really not worth your time

Trans Leeds student gains 10k followers after guy fails to drag her looks on Twitter

He says he’s up for a live debate on why he’s ‘not transphobic’

The art of taking a good nude: We asked girls for their expert tips

I am shook

We are all emotionally aligned to one chaotic reality TV queen, but which are you?

If I don’t get Maura I’m outta here

Lost grad jobs and panic Masters: We spoke to final years graduating with nowhere to go

‘This makes the whole £45k debt thing even more horrible’

How to do that swaggy Bill Clinton record challenge everyone’s doing on Insta

Yeah I just said swaggy, what you gonna do about it?

Too Hot To Handle addresses the one thing Love Island never did – toxic masculinity

The show holds a mirror up to men’s bad behaviour, instead of letting ‘boys be boys’

Take this quiz to find out what incredibly niche Simpsons character you are

From Hank Scorpio to Lionel Hutz

Take this quiz and we’ll clarify just how thirsty you are

I’d literally pay a grand to have sex right now

14 moments from Love Wedding Repeat that prove it’s the worst thing Netflix have made


This is what it’s actually like to go on University Challenge, from students who’ve done it

Oh to be this smart

Lockdown moved all teaching online, but disabled students have asked for that for years

The ease with which universities moved all resources online showed that they could do it, but just didn’t want to

Take this very important test and we’ll tell you what milk substitute you are

We can’t all be oat milk

Rupert Grint and Georgia Groome are expecting a baby together!

Ron Weasley and Georgia Nicholson is truly the crossover we never saw coming

What it was like to live in China on the day lockdown was lifted

Constance is now free to do whatever and go wherever she pleases – well, kinda

How to get a quarantine boyfriend and maintain him throughout lockdown

Like a houseplant!

‘It’s much stricter here’: This is how lockdown in Spain and Italy compares to the UK

You cannot leave your house, even for walks

This is every single person you will encounter during lockdown

From the virtual pub quiz host to the one absolutely rinsing Tinder

This is how to get that renaissance painting filter that everyone’s talking about

I feel like a work of art x

Here are 35 of the best quaranmemes to come out of lockdown week two

Once again I am looking at memes just to feel something

Who is Madison Thompson? The new up and coming star of Netflix’s Ozark

She’s a bit of a vibe uno

We asked people what they’re planning to do the moment they get out of lockdown

‘I’m gonna get so drunk I throw up by 7pm’

Which member of BoJo’s official emergency coronavirus government team are you?

Tag yourself I’m Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jenny Harries

Take this quiz to find out if your relationship would survive quarantining together

Forget Casa Amor, this is the ultimate relationship test

What is the Until Tomorrow trend on Instagram and why is literally everyone doing it?


We asked the students in quarantine at uni why they chose a student house over home

‘We’re going to make a house Tik Tok account’

Best dressed in lockdown: The sickest looks from students in quarantine

They look so good it’s almost contagious

If you can’t ace this Physical Geography GCSE exam you’re slower than a meander

Oxbow lake more like Oxbow FAKE

Boys are shaving their heads in quarantine and we asked them what they were thinking

How’s it going, not so slim shady?

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what posh girl name you should have

Are you more of an Arabella or a Phoebe?

We asked students about little things driving them absolutely insane in quarantine

‘My dad goes to the toilet with the door open’

EXCLUSIVE: UCL cancels term three rent payments for all undergraduate halls

Freshers will not have to pay rent for term three

Tell us your quarantine routine and we’ll tell you how much of a detty pig you are

Take the quiz to see just how detty you are

How to sext like a sexy lil pro, by an expert sexter

A sextpert, if you will