Maddy Mussen
Assistant Editor

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They film for 13 hours a day jheeez

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If you own one of those roll beanies it’s automatically 100 per cent

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Google exists for a reason

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Noel doesn’t count

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This is the best thing since French Spongebob

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I feel gross what were we THINKING

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Holding out for an emotionally mature hero til the end of the night

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Ket spoons are bait, just saying

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God no not prosecco

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You feisty thing you

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They literally will not let you leave

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Bit of the stage blows off? No big deal mate

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Tommy costs 10 grand!

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It’s about the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal

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Son’s crying now, cheers

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He wants you to fix him

The most hilariously tragic memes about Boardmasters getting cancelled

You really do hate to see it x

Boardmasters festival cancelled seven hours before it was due to start

Because of severe weather conditions

QUIZ: Which Derry Girl are you?

Yes we’re including James