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The University Vibes League: This is why certain unis are more popular over time

Manchester is doing absolute bits

It’s harder than ever to report sexual assault at uni right now

Between lockdown rules and living situations, the pandemic has made reporting even tougher

Private accommodation to offer refund after 100 students threaten to withhold rent

Nido student will be offering a partial refund to students that didn’t return to halls

We’ve been shaming women for being ‘vanilla’ for years and it needs to stop

No kink-shaming is out, no vanilla shaming is in

The difference in reporting sexual assault at a UK uni vs a US uni is thousands of pounds

The US has key legislation the UK is lacking

Euston tunnel protestor and 18-year-old activist has ‘no plans on leaving anytime soon’

Blue Sandford and other protestors have been underground for eight days

‘It’s about accountability’: This student invested £1,000 into Gamestop stocks

‘No one paid for 2008, so they’re paying for it now’

This is why ‘Girl Boss’ Instagram feminists piss you off so much

Hint: It’s not sexism

These 24 memes about stonks are more inflated than the Gamestop stock price

That’s some economonomomonics

‘I’m healthy in every sense of the word’: Young men on living life as HIV positive

‘I get more DMs than ever now’

I’m finally going to say it: Bridgerton actually sucks

This series is monumentally cringe and awful and I just DO NOT GET the hype

‘It angered me’: Nurse shares what life was like on the wards during the 80s AIDS crisis

‘There was a lot of homophobia. In the papers, everywhere’

32 million died in the AIDS pandemic but our remembrance is pitiful

This is just another example of how the UK chooses to remember its history

21 things you’ll understand if you’ve moved back in with your parents in your 20s

The background of your Zoom call is like a Scooby-Doo chase scene

Only 155 out of 23,000 university professors are black

This is the fifth year in a row where black professors have made up less than one per cent

All the moments in Sex and the City 2 that proved it was an actual crime against humanity


‘It’s extortionate’: Students who protested fees in 2010 on reducing fees in 2020

‘I striked at the time and I’d do so again now’

Pandemic forces uni student’s contact hours down from 28 to 1.5 a week

And yet the Russell Group says that safety net policies aren’t ‘necessary’ this year

Lawyer for rape group chat victims says Warwick ‘hasn’t learned’ from its mistakes

The recent failure to exclude another male perpetrator has highlighted this

Top universities told to lower their entry requirements by up to two grades

So that disadvantaged students will have more of a chance of getting in

Don’t be surprised by the Chartwells meal scandal. It happened to uni students first

And neither Marcus Rashford nor the government were there to help

Oxford student with 3 A*s called unfit for tutoring job because he’s not ‘normal English’

The head of the tutoring company has since said it was a ‘misunderstanding’

Just a load of pictures of white rioters breaking the law and not getting shot for it

There are ‘very fine’ people on both sides though, right?

The Serpent: True story of crime series about serial killer who targeted backpackers

Charles Sobhraj was dubbed the ‘Bikini Killer’ because of the victims he chose

Stranded in the UK or forced to take classes at 5am, international students are suffering

‘It really feels like we’ve been neglected’

Boris Johnson vows to finally look into student rent payments during lockdown three

He also thanked students for continuing to do online learning

Government petition to reduce uni fees to £3k gets 340,000 signatures in one day

The petition needed to reach 100,000 to be mentioned in parliament

Thousands of students threaten to withhold rent at over 30 unis in historic rent strike

Rent strike organisers have seen a ‘significant increase’ in sign ups over the past few days

I worked out my Deliveroo Wrapped for 2020 and I’ve spent over two grand on takeaways

You’ve heard of Spotify Wrapped but have you heard of: complete and utter embarrassment and shame

QUIZ: Can you correctly guess the names of these Love Actually characters?

So it turns out Kiera Knightley’s character’s name is not actually ‘Kiera Knightley’

16,000 students took our drugs survey. Find out how and what they’re taking this term

The main reason students cited for taking drugs this year? ‘Boredom’

Stay at home seshing can cost students their lives, experts warn

Recent drug deaths aren’t a result of high strength drugs but the way students are consuming them, testing experts say

Grace Millane murderer found guilty of raping another British tourist on Tinder date

He has also been convicted of multiple offences inflicted on his ex-girlfriend

Covid tests used on students ahead of Christmas ‘only detected three per cent of cases’

The lateral flow tests missed students with Covid and gave them a negative result

Before Boris makes ANOTHER life ruining announcement, here’s 23 memes about the last one

Tier 4: Tier Fast Tier Furious

Just a list of every time universities mugged off students this year

It’s the out of date self-isolation meals for me

If you have any of these items in your Christmas dinner you are a literal villain

MASHED potato? Get out of my house

Warwick Uni allows student who admitted to sexual misconduct to stay on campus

The uni called his actions ‘unacceptable’ but he was allowed back on campus anyway

‘I’d have to quarantine for a month at home’: Meet the students staying at uni for Christmas

‘My flat is going to be empty’

Uni students are going through hell trying to do their degrees with long Covid symptoms

‘I’ve never been closer to dropping out, but Covid has taken so much from me already’

Enough is enough: It’s time to stop giving straight actors gay roles

ESPECIALLY you James Corden, the unwelcome king of the straights

How to do that dominant element personality test everyone’s doing on Twitter

I got Earth and I don’t think that’s a good thing x

These memes about the dumpster fire that was The Undoing have me completely undone


This photographer has documented 16 women’s experiences of sexual harrassment at uni

‘I was constantly on edge’

What are these god damn monoliths and where do they keep coming from?

Another day another monolith

Only the third lobster could get full marks in this niche Love Actually trivia quiz

I’m not lying to you, it’s hard

Petition for Warwick Uni to take action on sexual assault cases passes 10k signatures

The petition was created by a first year student who feels unsafe on campus

Who is the new voice actor playing Missy in Big Mouth and why did Jenny Slate leave?

The replacement is addressed in Big Mouth season four

Named and shamed: Eleven unis didn’t appoint any new mental health staff this year

Some of them have even decreased their staff numbers

Inquest into Cardiff fresher’s death reveals she took ketamine before collapsing

She told her housemates earlier in the night that she had taken the drug

Would the Royal Family hate you or love you? Take the real Balmoral test to find out

Think they’d love me tbh x

18-year-old Cardiff student who collapsed at Talybont halls named as Megan Politt

Her family described her as having a ‘beautiful bright smile’ and ‘positive energy’

Both men arrested on drug charges following Cardiff deaths kept in custody

They are awaiting Crown Court trials next month

Oxford is asking applicants to own a ‘stylus and large touch screen device’ for interviews

Oh yeah sure everybody has one of those

Racist messages in Warwick halls group chat were sent by a 16-year-old from Texas

His name is Juan

How do you play Ibble Dibble? The deeply posh game in The Crown and Chalet Girl

It radiates Tory energy and yet here I am wanting to play it

‘He was full of light’: A third year Glasgow University student has died

Calvin Donnelly was studying Biochemistry

Ranking all of the 2020 Christmas adverts on how likely they are to make you cry

Only two moved me to actual tears… but which were they?

The Queen’s Gambit sucks and anyone enjoying it is lying to themselves


Three more university students have died since the start of term

This means 11 students in total have died

Police burst in on students to break up party only to find them sat watching The Crown

Three police officers and a security guard burst into the kitchen giving students a fright

These are the universities that ramped up their security spending this academic year

One uni increased its security spend by £1.5 million

University confessions page admins say suicidal posts have doubled

One small group of people have seen the true extent of the student mental health crisis: confessions page admins

The UK government sacrificed Eid and Diwali for Christmas

It’s as simple as that

I was cancelled after being falsely accused of racism by another student

Barney Schneider was assumed to be the culprit of a racist video, but he was innocent

Police Scotland had to break up over 400 house parties on first weekend of term

One party had over 50 students on the premises

At least one university student has died every week since the start of term

Eight students have died this month

Freshers are refusing to take COVID tests so they don’t have to self isolate

‘It’s sort of like a don’t see, don’t tell vibe’

Student dies in Coventry University Bishop Gate halls

The student was a man in his 20s

‘We were all silent for 45 minutes’: Students share their worst break out room stories

‘One guy just kept talking about how high he was?”

Black Edinburgh student called ‘fit George Floyd’ on Tinder by white student

‘He super-liked me just to say that’

‘We’re not yahs’ says Edi student behind the Nicola Sturgeon TikTok riling up boomers

‘Nicola would probably last three days in Edi halls and then scamper back to Holyrood’

Leicester student sets up GoFundMe after blowing ‘all his loan’ on electric scooter

‘I bought a lot of takeaways and clothes too’

Take The Tab’s term one sex survey: Pandemic edition

Are you getting any?

These are the student areas with the highest coronavirus infection rates

Things are Notts looking good in Nottingham

1389 students have now tested positive at Northumbria University

There have been 619 cases in the last seven days, on top of the 770 last week

SOAS removes BA African Studies from its list of undergraduate degrees

SOAS… as in the… School of Oriental and African Studies?

Cov Uni threatens ‘appropriate action’ after huge 200 person party in halls common room

Students were standing on a ping pong table which collapsed beneath them

Student accidentally applies for 3 quid maintenance loan instead of £3,000

Don’t spend it all at once!

There’s a savage new dating app that sends you an alert if you’re being ghosted

Oh great

Take this quiz to determine which Misfits character you are most emotionally aligned to

I’m feeling pure Nathan Young vibes, tbh

Omg, ASOS is selling Groovy Chick merchandise and I want it ALL


Gov scientist and Edi uni professor says it’s unfair to demonise students for a second spike

He says the new Covid restrictions ‘devalue the uni experience’

Newcastle officially added to government Coronavirus watchlist

Cases in the North East are rising

How to fit in at your uni, in starter pack form: 2020 edition


Fiat 500 Twitter and Football Twitter have got into a war over a Molly-Mae Insta post

And Molly-Mae Hague herself responded to it

There’s a new dating app where you can only communicate via voice notes

Not sure if I hate it… or love it?

‘It’s not gonna help’: Meet the people refusing to wear masks when they return to uni

‘I know it makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist’

‘I’d host up to 30 people’: We asked students if they’re still going to party in Term 1

With the majority of clubs still closed, a controversial house party renaissance is looming

Students are turning to anonymous Instagram accounts to report their experiences of sexual assault at uni

Nine Instagram accounts have been set up at top British universities, including St Andrews, Edinburgh, and Durham

EXCLUSIVE: Wetherspoons continuing discounts after Eat Out To Help out ends

The pub is launching a ‘Stay Out To Help Out’ initiative

Wetherspoons continuing discounts after Eat Out To Help out ends

The pub is launching a ‘Stay Out To Help Out’ initiative

Only Lindsay Lohan’s twin could get full marks on this Parent Trap trivia quiz

But you can still try x

We spoke to the father and son OnlyFans duo and asked them, simply: Why?

‘I knew it would cause a fuss’

VOTE: Once and for all, who is officially the worst character on Gossip Girl?

Turns out they all kinda suck

Every single time the Riverdale cast have alluded to absolutely hating Riverdale

I mean, fair

‘It’s like my baby’: This is what it’s like to run a celebrity fan account with 100k followers

‘I never expected it to get this big’

‘Netflix hates lesbians’: Fans are raging after Netflix cancels THREE lesbian led shows

They were cancelled due to ‘Covid-related circumstances’

This is what it was like to attend the UK’s first ever socially distanced gig

You have to arrive at 6pm for the first act at 9pm…wow

The term ‘Simp’ is being used to shame men who treat women well and it needs to stop

Treating a woman well is not ‘Simp behaviour’, but misogyny sure is

What uni was like in the noughties, according to students who were there

‘You would never be let into a club wearing trainers’