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Student accidentally applies for 3 quid maintenance loan instead of £3,000

Don’t spend it all at once!

There’s a savage new dating app that sends you an alert if you’re being ghosted

Oh great

Take this quiz to determine which Misfits character you are most emotionally aligned to

I’m feeling pure Nathan Young vibes, tbh

Omg, ASOS is selling Groovy Chick merchandise and I want it ALL


Gov scientist and Edi uni professor says it’s unfair to demonise students for a second spike

He says the new Covid restrictions ‘devalue the uni experience’

Newcastle officially added to government Coronavirus watchlist

Cases in the North East are rising

How to fit in at your uni, in starter pack form: 2020 edition


Fiat 500 Twitter and Football Twitter have got into a war over a Molly-Mae Insta post

And Molly-Mae Hague herself responded to it

There’s a new dating app where you can only communicate via voice notes

Not sure if I hate it… or love it?

‘It’s not gonna help’: Meet the people refusing to wear masks when they return to uni

‘I know it makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist’

‘I’d host up to 30 people’: We asked students if they’re still going to party in Term 1

With the majority of clubs still closed, a controversial house party renaissance is looming

Students are turning to anonymous Instagram accounts to report their experiences of sexual assault at uni

Nine Instagram accounts have been set up at top British universities, including St Andrews, Edinburgh, and Durham

Only Lindsay Lohan’s twin could get full marks on this Parent Trap trivia quiz

But you can still try x

We spoke to the father and son OnlyFans duo and asked them, simply: Why?

‘I knew it would cause a fuss’

VOTE: Once and for all, who is officially the worst character on Gossip Girl?

Turns out they all kinda suck

Every single time the Riverdale cast have eluded to absolutely hating Riverdale

I mean, fair

‘It’s like my baby’: This is what it’s like to run a celebrity fan account with 100k followers

‘I never expected it to get this big’

‘Netflix hates lesbians’: Fans are raging after Netflix cancels THREE lesbian led shows

They were cancelled due to ‘Covid-related circumstances’

This is what it was like to attend the UK’s first ever socially distanced gig

You have to arrive at 6pm for the first act at 9pm…wow

The term ‘Simp’ is being used to shame men who treat women well and it needs to stop

Treating a woman well is not ‘Simp behaviour’, but misogyny sure is

What uni was like in the noughties, according to students who were there

‘You would never be let into a club wearing trainers’

Ranking all of Jeremy Clarkson’s A-level tweets in order of smugness

Funny that he always seems to be on a yacht during results day

‘It’s ridiculous’: A-Level students on the government’s mock result u-turn

‘Even my teacher doesn’t know what’s going on’

‘I’m so glad it happened’: People who went through Clearing on what happened next

Turns out going through clearing ain’t the end of the world

A considered ranking of The Umbrella Academy characters, from most to least useless

I think we all already know who’s the most useless

Every similar show you can watch to fill the Umbrella Academy shaped hole in your heart

Nothing is the same, but this will have to do

A comprehensive list of all the similarities between Misfits and The Umbrella Academy


Just 28 memes that will make you love Klaus Hargreeves even more than you already do


Single use masks are now a bigger polluter than single use plastic, campaigners warn

Buy a damn reusable mask!

I got Reddit users to rate my Hinge profile and they absolutely rinsed me

Apparently I’m a catfish and ‘need to smile more’

‘I went from a B to a fail’: Scottish students on their results being moderated down

‘It’s a total kick in the teeth’

Here’s where you recognise the cast of The Fall on Netflix from

THREE of them are in Derry Girls

The Fall was criticised for ‘glamorising sexual violence against women’ after series one

The creator had to defend his writing amidst heavy criticism

Ofcom complaints for the CBBC kiss prove the UK is still homophobic

‘I’m not homophobic but I just hate seeing the gays kiss’ like come on

Two black Riverdale actresses have called out the show for ‘unlikeable’ black characters

One actress was told to act ‘sassy’

This is where you recognise the cast of The Umbrella Academy from


These behind the scenes pics of The Kissing Booth 2 cast are actually making me weep

Oh sweet Jesus they’re so beautiful

The government just turned down any reform to the curriculum in light of BLM

History syllabuses won’t be changed to reflect BAME experiences

This is what the cast of The Kissing Booth 2 look like in real life

Ok wow they do look seriously different

We spoke to people who finished with 69 per cent at uni about how they handled it

It’s so crushing you can’t even see the humour in 69 per cent

This is the most chaotic drama to come out of the Johnny Depp Amber Heard trial


Tell us how you played Habbo Hotel and we’ll guess whether you were true Habbo royalty

Habbo Club til I die x

The Kissing Booth makes an insultingly weak attempt at diversity and I’m not buying it

Come on Netflix, this is bad even for you

Forget Gigi’s pasta cupboards, this is some of the worst celebrity home decor of all time


These are the worst types of housemates, according to students

Brb just having the sudden realisation that I am the worst housemate

The Kissing Booth 3 is confirmed and has already been filmed in secret!


36 thoughts you’ll have when sitting through the horror that is The Kissing Booth 2


Meet Jacob Elordi: The Kissing Booth star and Euphoria fitty that everyone wants to climb


Take this test and we’ll tell you which of Cher’s outfits you’re emotionally aligned with

Personally I am the beret and plaid outfit wbu

A brief history of every person Harry Styles has ever dated

How can one person’s type be Kendall Jenner *and* T Swift? It just doesn’t make sense!

We asked ex-Directioners the lamest thing they did when obsessed with 1D

‘I used to kiss my Harry Styles poster before I went to sleep’

This what the Clueless cast are up to now, 25 years since its release

Thinking about this movie being 25 years old has got me totally buggin’

A bunch of witches on TikTok tried to hex the moon and the memes are exquisite

Bruh, they really hexed the MOON!?!

We asked a psychiatrist why everyone seems to be dreaming about their ex in lockdown

Does it mean we should get back together?! DOES IT?!?!

‘It felt safe’: Inside the dutty illegal coronavirus raves getting shut down by police

There were over 20 different speaker rigs at the Bath event this weekend

Sorry to break it to you but period syncing is a complete MYTH

I don’t know what’s real anymore!!!

QUIZ: Which Derry Girls adult are you?

Give me Sister Michael or give me death

Meet Indya Moore, ‘Pose’ star and Twitter’s latest crush

They are one HUNDRED per cent vibes

Here are all the best name memes you can share on your Insta story

We have surpassed frogs, we are now at ‘what clothes airer you are’

We asked McDonald’s workers what your Maccies order says about you

Only really fit boys order the BBQ chicken wrap appaz

So it turns out face masks give you spots, but this is how you can prevent it

Who knew my hot breath localised in one contained area made my skin worse, huh?

Derry Girls season two was put on Netflix and then taken off in less than a week


What is this strange frog and rat name trend people are doing on their Insta stories?

Let me explain to you the frogs and the rats

‘It felt too fast’: Students living in Italy and Spain on what life’s like post-lockdown

It’s not as good as it sounds

QUIZ: Order a Wagamama meal and we’ll tell you what your type is

Edamame eaters love soft bois you heard it here first

QUIZ: Which Umbrella Academy family member are you?

Me and Klaus are spiritually aligned I can just feel it x

Even though we’re all adults take this quiz to see which 1D boy you’d end up with

Please god give me Harry

Where are all the T4 presenters now? From Alexa Chung to Steve Jones

One of them was fired for calling Kesha the C word

‘It’s a problem in the entire industry’: Sex workers on the calls to boycott PornHub

‘They have the money to do better and they need to’

‘I’d love to have coupled up with Maura’: Megan Barton Hanson on being bi in the public eye

The chaotic queen MBH talked to The Tab about all things bisexuality for Pride month

Jack Edwards on college potatoes, Jimmy’s and life as a semi-famous Durham student

‘I’m constantly trying to prove I’m not a dick’

I’ve boycotted porn for seven years, and you need to as well

There is no vetting process for so many of these sites: anything could be uploaded. And it is

You can’t call yourself an ally if you’re dating a boy who’s subtly homophobic

Sorry but if you let him get away with saying ‘that’s so gay’ you’re part of the problem

‘I’m honestly thriving now’: We asked people who got 2:2s how they dealt with it

It’s really not the end of the world

Let’s settle this once and for all: Which Sex and the City gal are you?


All the Tati, Jeffree, Shane Dawson and James Charles drama explained

This is one big ol’ mess

Every single annoying person you’ll come across on Depop

‘Would you do this for a fiver??????????’

Africa by Toto is officially over. Stop playing this song at parties

If you use your one song on the aux to play this you’re a narc

We asked boys how often they wash their sheets and wow, they are filthy


Confirmed: Riverdale is officially the dumbest thing to ever come out of Netflix

Over 3000 of you voted

Subway wrappers and pinky promises: The best Depop Dramas to come out of lockdown

This truly is our light through the darkness

We asked Year 13s what they think the stereotype of every uni is

One girl said she had ‘literally never even heard of Sheffield uni’

Mean Girls is actually really awful. Here are the receipts

UnFRieNdLy bLaCk HoTtiEs?

QUIZ: Which member of Scooby Doo’s Mystery Inc are you?

Tag yourself I’m Daphne’s gogo boots x

365 Days is actually extremely harmful and should never have been put on Netflix

This movie is rape culture incarnate

VOTE: What is the straight up dumbest thing to have ever been put on Netflix?

From 365 Days to Riverdale, we really have been taken for fools

Every time Massimo from 365 Days was the most problematic love interest EVER

This man is a KIDNAPPER (but he’s fit)

How to get that vibey Disclosure sketch face filter on Instagram

The sketch filter is honestly doing bits

27 reasons why ‘365 Days’ is the worst thing Netflix has ever produced

‘Are you lost baby girl’ is enough reason on its own

If you’re a girl dating a boy who’s subtly racist, you’re part of the problem

Teach him or dump him. You have no excuse

Durham student tries to organise mock trial for murder of George Floyd

She was looking for someone to play the role of Derek Chauvin, George Floyd’s killer

Black student told by uni to ‘seek anger management’ after tweeting about politics

They opened an investigation into her personal tweets

Racial preferences are the final taboo of dating. It’s time to call them out

They have no place on dating apps, and by extension, no place in real life

This is what it’s like to work in a socially distanced McDonald’s during lockdown

Staff stay in designated sections separated by ‘shower doors’

This is what it’s like to be a young person who’s shielding right now

‘Easing lockdown for us right now feels like a recipe for disaster’

QUIZ: Which Scrubs character are you?


We asked bouncers about the most annoying things students do in clubs

Stop CLIMBING THINGS for goodness sake

Quiz: Tell us your post lockdown plans and we’ll tell you where you’re from

It’s only the North if you’re gagging for some chips in gravy right now

How is Gogglebox actually filmed? Here are all the behind the scenes secrets

From how the families were picked to crews set up in the kitchen, here’s all the deets