Would the Royal Family hate you or love you? Take the real Balmoral test to find out

Think they’d love me tbh x


Right, so it turns out the Balmoral test from The Crown is real. But we can’t all exactly jet off to Scotland, say hi to Lizzy, and give it a go. Not just because of the panny d, but because I’m pretty sure that’s illegal and the secret service would London Bridge you faster than you could say Ibble Dibble. Plus, actually getting the Royal Family to like you is all about a delicate balance of being a toff, knowing how to hunt, drinking port, using salad forks and uh…… being a toff?

I mean, there’s also some importance in knowing who to curtsey to, knowing how to play stupid posh party games, and weirdly… knowing how to ski? But this is such a Tarquin from Private School level knowledge, you’d have to get a perfect score in this quiz just in the HOPE that they’d like you. Lucky for you, it’s right here:

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