I need you to stop what you’re doing and see how insanely fit young Prince Edward was

Excuse me whilst I pick my jaw up off the floor

The Crown season four has introduced us all to Prince Edward, he’s a bit bratty and played by that guy from Fleabag. But I need you all to know that the real young Prince Edward was easily one of the fittest royals going, possibly ever.

What the bald guy who everyone forgets about? Yes him. The unproblematic royal who joined the Royal Marines, got married, had a couple kids and watches The Crown with The Queen on the weekends was 100 per cent better looking than Harry and Wills were in their prime.

In the mid 1980s, a young Prince Edward honestly looked like Nate Archibald, but better. He taught in New Zealand and studied at Cambridge. And you just know he’d flirt with you whilst you’re sitting on the front of his bicycle.

Can we talk about the jaw line? And the crisp shirts and perfectly tailored jackets? Whatever happened to men dressing like this? I never thought I’d be fancying a man who could rock a tweed jacket, but here I am wishing I could time travel.

If you still need convincing young Prince Edward was the spiciest royal to ever exist, then please gaze longingly at these pictures and TikToks:

Off to go make this my lock screen

Ignore Prince Andrew

Diana picked the wrong brother

I mean c’mon this is not fair

He can really rock a suit

Like really well

But looks even better in a uniform

Wow he is actually Prince Charming


Just yum tbh x

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