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Stop what you’re doing and look at how hot young David Attenborough is

Mother may I


David Attenborough’s new film dropped on Netflix this weekend, and I can’t be alone in thinking not only were the facts about our future shocking, but how attractive David Attenborough was when he was younger.

It’s hard to imagine him anything other than the sweet old man we view him as now, but as shown in ‘David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet‘, roll back 60 years and you’ve got yourself a hot spice in knee length shorts and a fuck boy haircut.

If David was at university today, you would find him in the rugby corner with his fellow first team members every Wednesday, drinking two tropical VK at once and chanting. Now I’m not saying he would actually be a fuck boy, but with golden locks and what looks like six foot of him, I would confidently put a fiver on it.

So sit back, relax, and look at these pictures of Dave – at one point, he’s holding a python which he’s just CAUGHT – dreamy.

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That stare

young David Attenborough

His knees make me wobble x

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And he looks good in a suit

young David Attenborough

Insert fire emojis here >>>

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Please avert your gaze to his muscle definition

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He caught this with his own hands!!!!!!

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Hahah I’m so beautiful

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If this was HD quality I bet we could see the contours of his chest

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When you’ve climbed a volcano but can’t stop thinking about how fit you are