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Forget Harry, Prince Philip was a DADDY back in the day

It’s illegal to be this hot

People may have been saying that Prince Philip looked like a living corpse at the Royal Wedding on Saturday, and you know what, that's just really, very unkind.

The man is 96 years old. He's just had a hip replacement and actually, you'll be surprised to know he was really fit back in the day.

Sure, it's a little hard to imagine someone nearly a century old looking good now, but look 50 or 60 years back and you'll realise that the Queen married an absolute spice.

You just know that if Philip was at uni today, he'd be the charming, first team cricket guy running all the socials and getting all the girls on Wednesday nights. He would almost certainly be the President of PPE society, win the BNOC competition at his uni, whilst maintaining a solid 2:1. Philip would probably break a few hearts as well, before he settled down and found his queen.

Where's the evidence to all of this, you say? Well here are pictures that prove Prince Philip was once a DADDY, even if it was a very long time ago:

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