Take this quiz to determine which Misfits character you are most emotionally aligned to

I’m feeling pure Nathan Young vibes, tbh

Now that Misfits has come back on Netflix it’s had a (very necessary) revival, and I’m not mad about it. Some people have even been introduced to it who had never seen it before (criminal!) and others are being reminded that it is, truly, better than Skins ever was. Controversial I know but lemme live for a second.

Thing is, you don’t really compare yourself to a character while you’re watching Misfits. They’re all so definitive, so strange, so ridiculous. But even if you don’t realise it, your personality is more aligned to one than the others. So, take this sexy quiz and find out for sure. PSA I’m only including season one to two original characters because, aside from Joe Gilgun absolutely killing it as Rudy, the show does kinda go to shit after Nathan leaves. Yeah, I said it.

Anyway, let’s find out. I wanna know how many other Nathan Youngs and Barrys are out there in the world. For scientific reasons.

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