Racist messages in Warwick halls group chat were sent by a 16-year-old from Texas

His name is Juan

The racist messages and renaming of a Warwick accommodation group chat last week has been revealed to be the work of a 16-year-old boy from Texas named Juan, The Warwick Tab can reveal.

Juan, who is a junior in high school, sent racist and anti-semitic messages to a Heronbank student accommodation group chat with the help of another troll. At one point, he renamed the chat “white n***** klan”.

Juan says someone paid him a hundred dollars to send the messages to the chat, which is how he got the join link, but he refused to provide proof. “They paid me to troll your chat,” he said, “the reason it was expensive is because they told me to be racist and homophobic.”

Posing under the name of “Felipe Soto III”, Juan sent numerous offensive messages to the chat, including one where he claims the chat is meant for “racists and homophobes only”. According to The Boar, other messages sent included “soo wheres that nasty ass stupid jew”, “kill all jews” and “hail hitler”.

Juan said: “I’m sorry for what I did a little,” continuing “I’m sorry if people get offended by some dark humour, yeah.”

When the original screenshots surfaced, the University of Warwick confirmed they were investigating the incident, saying: “What we can see in the screenshots isn’t in line with our values that all our students and staff know, and it is not acceptable.

“We are looking into what happened and who was involved in the chat. If we identify that Warwick students were involved, and were making the offensive comments, we will take all the appropriate next steps.

“We have ‘Report and Support’ in place for anyone personally affected that wishes to report.”

They have since confirmed the perpetrators are not students at Warwick University. A spokesperson said: “Investigations are continuing but so far it appears that those who posted the offensive comments to this external chat group are not Warwick students.”

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