Warwick Uni investigating after halls group chat is renamed ‘white n***** klan’

The perpetrator isn’t even a Warwick student

The University of Warwick is investigating a student group chat after screenshots were shared on Twitter showing participants using racist language.

The group chat, allegedly for Heronbank halls, was renamed “White n***** klan” by one member, Felipe, who then messaged saying: “Only racists and homophobes”.

When someone asked what the chat was, Felipe replied: “It’s the white n***** klan idiot can’t you read”.

Felipe had a +1 number, the international dialing code associated with numbers registered in the United States. It is believed that Felipe is not actually a student at Warwick University at all.

When approached by The Tab and asked if he thought the group chat name was funny, he responded, “Nah I didn’t think, I knew, munky mob for life”.

Felipe followed the comment with a number of emojis

He added: “Also, I don’t go to your small gay uni.”

In response to why he would join a uni group chat just to say racist things, he said “Because I was bored and I felt like it. Tf you gonna do. You’re breathing the air I provide on my planet.

“I’m god in this bitch. [Uni students] are just a bunch of n***** f*gs.”

After this, he then amended: “Nah but for real it was all just a joke, a group of friends sent me the link to join and told me to go ape shit crazy. So I did what I was told.”

Zain, a Warwick student in the group chat, told The Warwick Tab: “Two days ago some people joined the chat and started putting racist stuff on it.”

Zain left and deleted the chat after the name was changed, saying, “I didn’t want to see the name of the chat.”

“It was disgusting to see such vile racism online.”

The University of Warwick has responded to chat screenshots circulating on Twitter and confirmed they are investigating.

They said: “What we can see in the screenshots isn’t in line with our values that all our students and staff know, and it is not acceptable.

“We are looking into what happened and who was involved in the chat. If we identify that Warwick students were involved, and were making the offensive comments, we will take all the appropriate next steps.

“We have ‘Report and Support’ in place for anyone personally affected that wishes to report.”

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