Um, Jessy made a TikTok an entire year ago where she planned her whole Love Island journey

It’s scary how accurate this has become

So it turns out Love Island 2024 bombshell Jessy Potts had a pretty good idea what she was going to be like in the villa, as she made a TikTok planning the whole thing.

In a clip which is apparently from last year, Jessy can be seen trying on a whole bunch of outfits, posing in “what I’d wear if I went on Love Island.” There’s no “if” about it now she’s in the villa, and it’s scarily accurate how well she’d planned what she would wear as an Islander.

In the video, Jessy had planned outfits such as what she would wear in her promo / official casting picture, what she would wear to a party, date outside the villa, pool day, a recoupling and wishful thinking, but she also planned her finale dress. She clearly thinks she’s going far!

Watching this now is quite freaky, because so far all the events and moments she’s had in the villa, she’s worn exactly what she said she would a year ago. She really manifested this.

For her promo picture, Jessy picked out an orange, pink and white cut-out one piece swimsuit, which is exactly what the Love Island 2024 photographer snapped her in, one year later.

Jessy Potts made Love Island 2024 TikTok

via TikTok / ITV

For a pool day she planned on wearing a blue bikini with butterflies on, and on a day around the villa when she first arrived, guess what Jessy was wearing? Her blue butterfly bikini, of course!

Jessy Potts made Love Island 2024 TikTok

via TikTok / ITV

Jessy also pre-planned her pink dress that she kissed Joey for the first time on the terrace in – and even said it would be what she would wear for a Love Island 2024 party. It was the night Eve came into the villa to play for the Islanders, so definitely a party!

The only outfit she hasn’t got right on the head is her entry outfit. Jessy initially planned to enter the villa in a pink swimsuit, but that idea wouldn’t have been able to come true because she was sent straight on a date in the evening after the heart rate challenge. We’ll let her off there!

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