Exes and situationships: All the Casa Amor Islanders who already know a member of the cast

This isn’t going to end well

When Casa Amor was first announced it was revealed a few of the existing Love Island 2024 cast members were going to have a bit of a shock – the new Islanders include their exes and former flames.

Now Casa is kicking off and it’s come through with its promises – there are some new faces in there that are going to be trouble. We have new Islanders who want to set the record straight over past relationships, and a friendship that could get awkward in the villa.

So from who is exes to who is friends, here are all the Casa Amor Islanders who already know someone in the Love Island 2024 cast.

Emma had ‘a brief thing’ with Joey

Casa Amor cast who are exes or already know Love Island 2024 cast

via ITV

Fashion content creator Emma Milton used to be in a relationship with Joey, and is looking to get back with him. Yes, history is repeating itself that quickly.

“I had a brief thing with Joey a few years ago,” she said before the show. “We’ve been friends for years and I would be open to reconnecting with Joey. We get on really well and we have a lot of mutual friends.”

Emma also knows Grace, awkward

Casa Amor cast who are exes or already know Love Island 2024 cast

via ITV

What makes the situation with Joey even more awkward is that Emma is from Manchester, and she and Grace know each other from back home. So yeah, two of Joey’s exes who both want him back are going to be on the show at the same time. Messy!

Emma said: “I am also friends with Grace in Manchester, so it’s a little bit awkward.”

Ellie used to date Ciaran

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It’s not looking good for Ciaran and Nicole heading into Casa, as he already knows and has previously dated new bombshell, Ellie Jackson. Ahead of entering, Ellie said: “I have chatted to Ciaran in the past and am looking forward to reconnecting with him in Casa Amor.”

There is clearly some unfinished business there, and the pair still follow each other on Instagram. Don’t look, Nicole!

Nicole and Hugo follow each other on Instagram

Casa Amor cast who are exes or already know Love Island 2024 cast

via ITV

It’s not just Ciaran who poses a risk to his relationship with Nicole. She follows Casa bombshell Hugo on Instagram, so clearly knows him in some way from before the show. The pair were flirting a little in the first came of truth or dare in Casa, so will any more come from this?

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