This is what the cast of Love Island 2024 actually do, according to their LinkedIns

What do you MEAN Sean has another job that’s not selling sweets?!

Every year we’re introduced to a bunch of Islanders who do loads of different things and have loads of different vibes. So you know what’s a good way of really getting to know the Love Island 2024 cast members: A stalk of their LinkedIns. There’s nothing like looking at how people present themselves in a ~business~ environment.

In the villa right now it would seem we have some glam corporate girlies, some business boys and plenty of terrible third-person bios about how hireable they all are. It makes me cringe a bit, actually.

Here is a rundown of what the cast of Love Island 2024 actually do, according to all of their LinkedIns.

Grace Jackson

Love Island 2024 cast LinkedIns

via LinkedIn

Outside of the show, Grace owns two businesses, so it’s no surprise she’s a LinkedIn girlie. On the site she is listed as the co-owner of her social media agency, Social Clubhouse.

Her page describes her as: “An accomplished and forward-thinking postgraduate holding a BA Hons in Fashion Communication. Equipped with a diverse skill set encompassing content creation, videography, editing, Influencer outreach and management and comprehensive social platform management.”

Sean Stone

Love Island 2024 cast LinkedIns

via LinkedIn

Guys, despite it being the only thing he talks about in the villa, Sean has another job that isn’t his sweets business!! Shocking!! According to his LinkedIn page, Sean is also a graphic designer, and has worked for a company called Hytex Communication Services for nearly six years. He is listed as still working there right now.

Of course, his page is mainly all about Sweet Delivery, including a vibey cover picture and incredible headshot profile picture. “My name is Sean, and I run my own online sweet shop, that delivers gourmet confectionery nationwide straight to your doorstep,” his page reads.

Matilda Draper

via LinkedIn

Bombshell Matilda is also a LinkedIn girlie, with her profile detailing her years of experience in recruiting. In the villa she’s all about finding love and getting some Insta followers, but business Matilda is “passionate about inclusive education environments” and is “known for being friendly and approachable.”

She has over 500 connections, and should be good on Love Island, because one of the top things she’s been endorsed for is “relationship building”.

Munveer Jabbal

Love Island 2024 cast LinkedIns

via LinkedIn

Ok, Munveer’s LinkedIn is giving VIBES. He’s splashing the big bucks here, with a premium membership and professional headshot for his picture. A corporate king! He has listed where he works and also thrown in that it was voted Glassdoor’s number one best place to work in 2024.

“I pride myself on a first rate service to my clients and candidates which comes from a genuine passion and complete immersion within these fields,” his profile states. He also has 17 (yes 17!!!) very detailed (essays) of recommendations from people he used to work with. We get it!!!

Uma Jammah

via LinkedIn

There is only one thing on Uma’s LinkedIn and it’s pretty iconic. It lists her as a Team Supervisor at Ballie Ballerson, as in the club she met fellow Islander Ronnie at four years ago and they shared a kiss during the Euros. Incredible.

Trey O’Norman

via LinkedIn

Trey has a pretty standard LinkedIn page. It lists him as a Master’s student who now works as a commercial insurance broker. He describes himself as having “an impressive academic background” and as “a natural leader and engaging public speaker.”

Tiffany Leighton

Love Island 2024 cast LinkedIns

via LinkedIn

Tiffany works in HR, a very LinkedIn industry. She’s held her current HR role for over four years, and before this worked in a whole bunch of places, including a spa and at Tesco. She’s listed Steven Bartlett as an interest, so the less said about that probably the best.

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