The current 2024 Islanders have been moaning to ITV that they don’t have any Insta followers

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The current Love Island 2024 have apparently been moaning to ITV about the social ban it has in place with the Islanders, because they haven’t been able to gain any Instagram followers. Boo-hoo!

According to reports the Islanders are “furious” with ITV over the rules, that mean social media accounts of the Islanders remain dormant whilst they are in the villa. It’s been said they have been “begging” bosses of the show to make a u-turn on the rule, and allow them to have friends and family run their accounts.

The reason why they want their accounts to be active? Followers, of course! The social ban is in place to try and limit the hate the Islanders get whilst they are on the show. It’s been widely scrutinised for it’s effective or not, but one thing is for sure: The Islanders don’t gain as many followers from the show when their accounts aren’t active.

Love Island 2024 cast members moan about social ban and Instagram followers

via ITV

A showbiz insider told The Sun: “They’re coming out the villa to barely any followers and they’re super disappointed. Yes they’re going on there to find love, not Instagram followers, but it is affecting their work opportunities on the outside.

“There’s already so many Islanders they have to compete with for jobs and now they’re struggling to build a following after spending weeks in the villa. Some have complained about it to ITV and asked for the rule to be relaxed.”

Having said this, despite only leaving the villa a matter of days ago – Samantha has bagged herself a brand deal.

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