Ten things to do at Warwick Uni now that its finally the summer

Don’t you have an exam tomorrow? Yeah, but it’s sunny

I think with term three being full of assignments and exams it can be easy to forget that it is also getting warmer. Guys, summer is coming. It’s always important to remember to make time for yourself and do things that you enjoy amongst the chaos. Whether you’re a final year trying to cling to your last few days as a student or a fresher sad that your first year is over, here is my list of ten things to do to reclaim this busy term for yourself and see the sprinklings of summer coming to life.

1. Have a picnic

As soon as the sun comes out, being British, we decide it’s time to start eating mass amounts of crisps outside on the slightly damp grass. And it has to be said, nothing says summer quite like a picnic and some strawberries. With every student house definitely owning some sort of tatty rug, a picnic can be a low cost activity that encourages you to take a break from working and revision and – very importantly – get outside.

2. Go pottery painting

Slightly more on the spenny side but definitely worth it if you can spare the cost. This can be a great keepsake and a nice way to spend an afternoon with friends or with your significant other. With term three being all about deadlines and the very real reminder that we will not be students forever (eww right, imagine being a real adult) taking some time out to be creative and taking things slowly can be a much needed reset.

3. Upcycle something or start a new craft

Being a bit of a craft fanatic myself I always think this is a great way to spend time but there is something about summer that makes people want to suddenly learn how to sew or crochet or start junk journaling. So why not give it a go? Try and upcycle a top – or maybe you’re going to the Eras tour this summer? Why not get behind the friendship bracelet trend? Who knows, you might come out of it with a new hobby.

4. Go charity shopping

This is always a great way to spend a slow Sunday but it’s even more enjoyable in the sun. With fast fashion growing every day and the pressure to have a whole new summer wardrobe now the warmer months are coming charity shopping can be a great alternative. Plus, you always sound like such an it girl when someone asks where you got your cool new top and you can nonchalantly reply ”it’s from a charity shop sorry :/”

5.Have a bbq and turn your back garden into a festival

As soon as a singular ray of sunshine graces the UK with its’s presence every man in the UK decides to start grilling things for some reason. But you can see why, there is something especially good about eating a BBQ in the sun in your back garden. Now, at uni we have to make do with disposable BBQ’s and a strip of concrete back garden but needs must. Mind you, it is Warwick so maybe you’re lucky enough to have a proper BBQ and a nice back garden who knows? Play some music, pop up some bunting and have a mini Glastonbury (optimism never hurt anyone!) Either way- get your grill on this term.

6. Paint

I am so here for the recent trend of paint and sips and painting candles, wine glasses, canvases – you name it – it’s getting painted. This is a great group activity and a cute way to spend an afternoon or an evening doing something creative and fun to unwind from a hectic term.

7. Watch the sunrise/sunset

A classic summer activity but one that definitely needs to be on this list. Whether you’re a freakishly early riser or you stay up all night waiting for the sunrise, it’s always magical and feels like the promise of a good day. A completely free activity now funds are low as it is term three after all – this is a great way to soak up the sun and those last few moments of term with your friends.

8. Do something for yourself

As I said earlier, it’s always important to reclaim some of the day for yourself. Whether that be indulging in some skincare or reading a book that you actually want to read – or, maybe you’re into making smoothie bowls? Make sure to take time to look after yourself. Your mental health is important to prioritise in the chaos of summer term.

9. Go berry/strawberry picking

Another classic English summer activity and one that definitely reminds me of being a child – this could be a really cute activity. You can be bougie and go to one of those farms that offers strawberry picking, or if you’re looking for berries on a budget, go foraging for strawberries? If you’re lucky, look out for those first early blackberries on the bushes.

10. Go flower picking

Much like the above, this can be a really sweet activity and a good way to spend some time in the sun. Again, you can do this formally at a flower farm or just use the bushes – ethically of course! 🙂  

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