Vote now in the FINAL round of the Warwick BNOC competition to crown your winner

There can only be one

After an intense round of voting, the Warwick public has spoken. Despite the plethora of very (un)deserving competitors, with 35,000 votes the top three has now been chosen. But as unnecessarily long fantasy novels have taught us, there can only be one BNOC to rule them all. At the end of this article, you can vote (as many times as you like) for the The Warwick Tab BNOC competition 2023/24 winner. With the previous round’s results locked in, let’s look at the contenders for Biggest Name On Campus.

Malcolm Low

Sweeping the competition with a resounding 20.14 per cent of votes in the previous round, Economics student Malcolm Low is our first contender for BNOC. Claiming to be the “dirtiest duck”, this avian contender will be less aggressive than the Lakeside geese when it comes to his BNOC campaign. But don’t ask him about whether he’s going vegan, ducks can’t solely live on breadcrumbs from old people.

Degree: BSc economics

Fun fact: “I am the dirtiest duck”

Why you should win BNOC: “I voted against the vegan SU motion”

Zac ‘The Zerfer’ Fisher

Next in the polls, leading just behind Malcolm is The Zerfer himself with 18.83 per cent of votes. Politics student Zac traces his moniker to Clash of Clans, where true no-lifers are forged in the fire of clan attacks. Zac is vying for the BNOC title for the simple pleasure of annoying his friends. Not sure how the government will feel about referring to him by a second title but I can imagine his friends are getting ready to vote Malcolm or Cosmos.

Degree: BA politics and international studies

Fun fact: “Zerf, my initials, was first used for Clash of Clans and is now the name I’m called in government emails”

Why you should win BNOC: “I’d get to annoy all my friends with it”

Cosmos Zero Aggodino

Finally, with a stellar performance in the previous round, trailing behind Malcolm and Zac, is Physics student Cosmsos, with 12.77 per cent of the vote. Shooting for the stars and the title of BNOC, Cosmos has the potential to upset the current standings in the final round of voting. Despite being “just a guy for real” his celestial personality has brought him this far into the competition, but will it be enough to win (and for people, including this editor, to stop using space puns around him)?

Degree: BSc physics

Fun fact: “My first word was moon”

Why you should win BNOC: “I shouldn’t – I’m just a dude for real”

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