We’re back! Here are six more of Leamington Spa’s best dinner date spots

Coming from a happy-to-be-cuffed, dinner-date expert

Around a year ago, I achieved BNOC-status fame around campus when I released two articles that reviewed all the best dinner date spots in Leamington. Now, due to popular demand and the incessant pestering of my coursemates to make another one, we’re finally back.

I’ve decided to make this series a trilogy in order to secure my place as the official Warwick Tab food connoisseur – which hasn’t been cheap either, no thanks to the cost of living crisis.

So fret not about that Valentine’s Day booking you haven’t made – I’m here, once again, to save the day. These Leamington gems offer the best food around for you, your S.O and all your friends.

1. The Terrace

Fancy handmade cocktails and a stunning view

This new restaurant situated right by Parish Church bus station has it all: gorgeous decor, delicious food and specialised, handmade cocktails. My girlfriend and I were invited to their opening ceremony a couple of months ago, and they were so fancy that there were literally fire-dancers just casually walking around. As their name would suggest, their main attraction is the relaxing terrace section where you can sit and eat and drink away to your hearts content whilst overlooking River Leam (I had no idea it was called this until I Googled it).

As you can see in the pics above, they have the prettiest photo section where you can sit and snap away – perfect for those couple selfie pics for the gram. As for their unique handcrafted cocktails, we’d recommend the “Lick Like A” and “Lychee Martini”.

2. Tartine

Nothing more romantic than cheese and wine and mussels

Tartine is the perfect place for platter sharing with your S.O. A European bistro and wine bar in North Leamington (Regent Street), Tartine offers a wonderfully quiet, intimate dining experience. They also have great vegetarian options too, including their Mediterranean platter and Vegan platter. Having been lucky enough to visit multiple times, I would 100% recommend their option to select a platter alongside its paired bottle of wine. Individually selected to match the tastes of each new platter, it really does make for a special dinner.

They also have a great variety of starters, tapas and lunch options, including garlic white wine mussels, cheese platters, stuffed vine leaves and feta-stuffed peppers. Not to mention their amazing homemade lemonade that is quite literally the most refreshing thing I’ve ever consumed. For all you wine-lovers and platter-sharers out there, this one’s for you!

3. Hayashi

Sushi and miso soup >>>

Everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore sushi. Here at Hayashi (Warwick Street) they have the most delicious sets of sushi rolls – the one I usually get is the “Salmon Tataki Roll” with tempura prawn, salmon and avocado. They also have a wide selection of katsu curries, noodle dishes, tempura plates and sashimi. What isn’t there to love? They also serve a great variety of Korean dishes too. The decor is also very atmospheric, with nothing too over the top or grand. It’s perfectly simple, yet far from plain; quietly satisfying in all its aspects.

Just a note that it is super important to book in advance though. At Hayashi, everyone knows this is the place to be, so make sure you call in ASAP to secure a spot for you, your S.O and all your friends.

4. Elma

Have you ever seen a more colourful platter?

Elma is another great place to go if you’re happy to share European platters. They’re a cosy and warm restaurant just around the corner from Tartine (Augusta Place) that primarily serves East Mediterranean dishes. They have the atmosphere and decor of a gorgeous romantic dinner date with tapas, dip boards, sharing platters for two and many vegetarian options. For all you drinkers, they also serve a wide variety of wines and cocktails too.

The highlight is definitely this wonderful seating area (see above) where you can sit and eat surrounded by the prettiest flowers and plants. It’s like having a cosy little date in a warm, Mediterranean garden. Sipping wine. Sharing stuffed vine leaves and nibbling on cheese. That’s the life.

5. Sabai Sabai

Candlelit dinner. Thai curry. Fluffy rice.

I first went to Sabai Sabai (Regent Street) for my twentieth birthday meal and it definitely hit the spot. Their coconut rice is the fluffiest, most magical thing my mouth has had the joy of tasting. Sabai Sabai is an exquisite Thai restaurant with sleek and modern decoration – there’s really nothing more relaxing. They serve a variety of Thai curries on top of burning candles to both keep your food warm and the glowing, romantic atmosphere alight.

From Pad Thai to Mussaman Curry, Duck with Orange Sauce to Jungle Vegetable Curry, Sabai Sabai is sure to have all the right dishes for your evening. Lovers of Thai food – this is the place to be.

6. Kayal

This was all for me and I literally couldn’t move after. 100% worth it though.

Located right by Sabai Sabai, Kayal has possibly become my new favourite Indian restaurant. More specifically though, it’s their specialisation in South Indian food that I adore. With a strong emphasis on seafood, I’m quite literally in love with their creamy Kayal fish curry and fish soup – I can’t quite put my finger on it, but trust me when I say it’s the best. My favourite thing to order is definitely their Thali option. Essentially the king of all set menus, you can have a fish soup, six to seven little bowls of different flavoured curries and dessert all for around £24. It’s perfect if you’re hungry and just want a bite of everything – they even have a veggie option for this too.

Honourable items at Kayal include the Mango Lassi my girlfriend ordered (it was heavenly), their Kathrika Curry (aubergine in cashew nut sauce) and their Mixed Seafood Curry. I’ve been four times already and really don’t intend to stop.

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