Warwick SU releases an official statement calling for a ceasefire in Gaza

‘We hope and call for an immediate, permanent ceasefire and condemn the violence taking place in Gaza’

Warwick’s Students’ Union has released an official statement calling for a ceasefire.

The SU “condemns the violence taking place in Gaza” and hopes for a ceasfire that is “immediate” and “permanent”.

This statement, last updated on 19th February, urges for the University of Warwick and the UK government to “support the call for a permanent ceasefire and an immediate end to the violence.”

The SU recognises “the loss of tens of thousands of lives and displacement of millions in Gaza”, and “the scale of the humanitarian crisis which has unfolded and continues to worsen with the ongoing bombardment of Gaza by the Israeli Defence Force.”

It also reiterates their existing policy in support of the university “divesting from relationships with arms companies and manufacturers who facilitate arms development.”

The Warwick SU writes: “Escalations in violence in Palestine and Israel have too often seen a parallel rise in anti-Palestinian racism, anti-semitism, and islamophobia globally – this has unfortunately been reflected in the rise of hate crimes in the U.K. since October. Distressingly, we know this has included instances in our community here at Warwick.

“The dehumanisation of communities both abroad and at home has had a devastating and deeply personal impact on many of our members. We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy and unconditional support to everyone in our community who has experienced such grief, loss, and pain.”

In their statement, the SU also condemns threats of safety to students, staff or visitors based on their identities. It write: “We unequivocally condemn any threat to the safety of students, staff, or visitors to campus based on their identities, or for engaging in dialogue relating to Palestine and Israel. In particular, we highlight the experiences of our Palestinian, Arab, Muslim and Jewish students, who are shamefully targeted above others – this is unacceptable. Our students are not responsible for the actions committed by any party, and they should not be treated as such.”

You can read the entire statement, released by the Warwick SU, here.

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