Vote NOW for your top three in the semi-final of The Warwick Tab BNOC 2024

From dirty ducks to concussion kings


Friends, Romans and FAB-ians lend us your ears because it is that time of the year again. The Warwick Tab BNOC competition is back. In case you’ve been living under a rock, or in some isolated laboratory in Gibbett Hill, BNOC stands for “Biggest Name On Campus.”

After our first round of votes, from voters who voted from the depths of Westwood to the heights of Newbold Comyn, we now have our top 10 nominees for this year’s BNOC competition and call upon the Warwick public for our second round of voting – the semi-final. At the end of the article, you can pick your favourite of the lot for our top three of the BNOC competition with the final to follow. And, remember, you can vote as many times as you like (go nuts). Anyway without further pomp, let’s have a look at the circumstances of the competitors for the top three this year.

Cosmos Zero Aggodino

Degree: BSc Physics

Fun fact: “My first word was moon”

Why you should win BNOC: “I shouldn’t – I’m just a dude for real”

Let’s hope the stars align around Cosmos for the title of this year’s BNOC.

James Deayn

Degree: BSc Biochemistry

Fun fact: “I am very good at acquiring lots of free food”

Why you should win BNOC: “Because everyone seems to love my Instagram stories”

I can’t lie I’ve never seen his stories in my life, but if there’s something happening on there that we don’t know about, James might have a fighting chance.

Antonio Brito

Degree: BSc Computer Science

Fun fact: “I’m a natural blond”

Why you should win BNOC: “Personally, vibes”

Computer Science slander has been on the rise recently. Let’s hope Antonio can turn things around by winning the competition.

Tom Tennett

Degree: BSc Economics, Politics and International Studies

Fun fact: “I’ve had eight concussions”

Why you should win BNOC: “Because I’m Matt Jackson’s friend”

How Tom can even count after his concussions is beyond me, but it’s a good thing that we’re the ones counting his votes for the competition.

Matt Jackson

Degree: BA Politics and International Studies

Fun fact: “Once concussed myself running circle”

Why you should win BNOC: “Because I’m Tom Tennett’s friend”

After a loss at Charity Fight Night, does Matt Jackson want to win this crown for redemption, and will he stab Tom in the back for it? Et tu Matt?

Jacob Arnold

Degree: BASc Politics and International Studies and Global Sustainable Development

Fun fact: “I have a duck tattooed on my ankle in honour of the Dirty Duck”

Why you should win BNOC: “I need it for my self-esteem”

I’m not sure what kind of self-esteem you’re going to develop by being crowned BNOC but whatever floats your duck tattoo I guess.

Zach Fisher (The Zerfer)

Degree: BA Politics and International Studies

Fun fact: “Zerf, my initials, was first used for Clash of Clans and is now the name I’m called in government emails”

Why you should win BNOC: “I’d get to annoy all my friends with it”

Now, why the government is calling on The Zerf via email is beyond me. Will The Zerf have some state-backing in this competition?

Malcolm Low

Degree: BSc Economics

Fun fact: “I am the dirtiest duck”

Why you should win BNOC: “I voted against the vegan SU motion”

Malcolm’s BNOC campaign has a strong political stance but, traditionally, ducks ARE omnivores. So can we really blame the dirtiest duck for his position?

Ben A.

Degree: BA Politics and International Studies

Fun fact: “I’m a classical singer (but very out of practice)”

Why you should win BNOC: “After two years of peer pressure I’ve finally accepted that apparently I’m a BNOC”

Ben Anonymous, rumour has it the A stands for Andrea Bocelli. Ben might be downplaying their singing abilities. Maybe a performance will shoot them to the top of the competition?

Harry Williams

Degree: BSc Maths and Physics

Fun fact: “I have never stolen anything”

Why you should win BNOC: “I’m just a silly little guy”

Following Matt Jackson on the lose-at-charity-boxing to BNOC competition pipeline, let’s hope kleptomaniac Harry (doesn’t) steal the hearts of the voters for his attempted win of the BNOC crown.

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