Warwick University’s Students’ Union to go plant-based by 2027

Over 700 people voted for going plant-based


The University of Warwick’s Student Union (SU) has voted to become plant-based.

In the SU’s first term All Students Vote (ASV) last week, one of the motions proposed was for a “Plant-based Warwick to tackle the climate crisis”.

The motion was proposed by Plant-Based Warwick, a student organization comprising of societies including Warwick Vegan and Vegetarian Society. Warwick Vegan and Vegetarian Society is led by their president Vivek Venkatram.

The motion called for the University’s SU to implement a 50-per cent plant-based menu in all SU outlets by the 2024-25 academic year. Furthermore, they hope to move to a 100-per cent plant-based menu in all SU outlets by the beginning of the 2027-28 academic year.

A total of of 1,472 students voted, with 774 voting for, 518 voting against and 180 abstaining.

Warwick University’s SU is the eighth in the country to vote for moving away from meat and dairy.

Last November saw Stirling University’s SU vote to move away from meat and dairy, making it the first in the country to vote for a policy of this kind.

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