Warwick Senate House now stocking free personal attack alarms

Their provision is part of a wider campaign tackling student safety

Warwick Uni calls on protestors to call off their occupation of the piazza

Campaigners are refusing to call off the protest, calling the uni’s statement ‘cowardly’

‘This is Warwick’: we interviewed the founders behind Warwick’s new streetwear brand Unifit

The team tells us about their Chicago influence, juggling business and studies, and their upcoming collections

Warwick Business School scraps ‘discriminatory and ableist’ exam surveillance software

The ‘software was built with accessibility in mind from day one’, Proctorio says

Warwick Uni has won University Challenge 2021: Here are all the best tweets from the final

#Rout for PM

Will you need a vaccine passport this summer? We asked Leam pubs what they thought

‘We will do whatever is required of us to provide our customers with a safe environment’

Warwick are through to the University Challenge final: here’s their journey in 10 tweets

The Warwick team are heading into the finals against Magdalene College Cambridge this Monday

UPDATE: ProtectWarwickWomen in talks to escalate protests following meetings with the uni

The group say that talks with the uni ‘completely broke down’

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Someone’s created a Warwick Uni inspired streetwear brand and we’re living for it

From the Smack wall to Lib floor 5, they’ve got it all

Warwick to change name to Uni of Canley following allegations of false advertising

A number of complaints have been raised that the university is too far from its namesake

‘Unauthorised access’ leads to Warwick Uni liking tweet that said ‘Jewish students are agents of a Foreign Power’

The tweet suggested the university agreed with David Miller, whose recent comments have targeted Jewish students

‘We wanted to do something they couldn’t ignore’: Protesters occupy Piazza for over 27 hours

‘Our voices are important, our stories are important and they need to be heard’

‘Despair and frustration’: International students on their experience during the pandemic

‘International students have been blatantly disregarded’

Warwick ranks in the top 100 universities in the world for 16 subjects

Highlights include ranking 21st for Maths and 22nd for English

‘Angry and disheartened’: students on Warwick’s closed campus facilities

‘I want my money back’

Lawyer for rape group chat victims says Warwick ‘hasn’t learned’ from its mistakes

The recent failure to exclude another male perpetrator has highlighted this