International students aren’t causing immigration problems – they’re solving them

‘We make a lot of money for universities, so to now say we don’t have the right to enter is a bit absurd’

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His I’m a Celeb fan club is sadly thriving

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‘Quite frankly, it’s hurtful for me’: The Drag Race UK finalists speak out about the World Cup

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All the British politicians who have spoken out against the World Cup in Qatar

As well as all the politicians who’ve backed it

Meet the new ‘anti-woke’ universities minister who historically voted against gay rights

He also voted in favour of raising uni fees, great

Drag Race’s Icesis Couture releases statement after being falsely accused of doing blackface

‘How is it okay that I have to wake up my sick mother to dig up pictures to prove that I am ethnic?’

How to show support for Iranian women and those protesting for human rights in Iran

Iranians aren’t advocating violence, they’re asking for justice

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