David Cameron memes

Suella’s gone and David’s back, but here are 26 memes to get you through the chaos of this morning

Pigs everywhere are weeping

Right, this morning has been an absolutely chaotic time in UK politics. In Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s latest cabinet reshuffle home secretary Suella Braverman was sacked and in the weirdest Love Island bombshell return ever, David Cameron is back in Government.

Yes, as in the man who got us into all this MESS all those years ago is back. I feel like we just stepped out of a time machine because is it 2016 again?

But nothing prepared us for the absolute tonal whiplash of being elated at Suella being sacked (was it all the stepping on dogs she did?) only to be followed by the news of David Cameron’s return.

David Cameron is the new foreign secretary and says while he disagreed with “some individual decisions” made by Rishi Sunak, he believed he is a “strong and capable leader”. Former foreign secretary James Cleverly has replaced Suella Braverman as home secretary.

So, if you’re still recovering from the carnage and chaos of this morning, here are 26 memes to help you process the news:

Hot new bombshell!

No but is it 2016 again?

She urned it!

Peppa was not happy watching the news this morning

Not her first rodeo

Off to get her hot girl iced coffee before she gets sacked

We are truly in hell

Everyone welcome new Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher!

Bold move

Charity shop Sue for PM

Imagine peeling yourself out of bed for that

Mate it wasn’t me I swear

Nige too busy eating Kangaroo balls thank GOD

At least David’s return brought back this gem

Corrie level drama in Downing Street right now

Let’s get the drinks in?

The whiplash from Suella getting sacked to David being back was strong

Okay but this normally happens when they run out of plot ideas

The worst surprise ever

I too would return just for a cat

You could be the next home sec!

Okay but she’d be better than Rishi

One day in and already messing up the economy!

What year is it??

Not the flame emoji

Pigs everywhere breathing sighs of relief

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