Emily Cleal-Bramley

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Emily Cleal-Bramley
Glasgow University

University of Glasgow, News, Pop Culture, Current Affairs, Student Politics, Archaeology, History, Classics, Campus Culture,

  • When she was 18, Emily wrote an article for the BBC that was published on their website
  • She is an expert on University life, campus culture, pop culture, history and archaeology, and has a vested interest in politics and current global affairs
  • In her spare time, Emily enjoys playing lacrosse, solo travelling, and wild swimming! She also enjoys long walks with her dog, Tilly


Emily Cleal-Bramley joined the Tab in 2023, in her final year at the University of Glasgow. Initially she began writing for the University of Glasgow, and in 2024 she began writing for the Tab National.


Emily is completing a 4 year combined MA in Classical Civilisation at the University of Glasgow, and has also studied Celtic Civilisation, Latin, and Archaeology during her time as an undergrad. She is graduating in 2024


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