We spoke to the father and son OnlyFans duo and asked them, simply: Why?

‘I knew it would cause a fuss’


Chances are that while your thumb and forefinger have been taking their usual trips down the Twitter TL, they’ve stopped abruptly and your mouth has dropped open. Why? The sight of a father and son, posing nearly naked next to each other in a promo pic for their OnlyFans. That’s why.

OnlyFans has some weird stuff going on in the belly of the beast, just like any porn website – but this would give anyone pause for thought. Especially when it’s not just on OnlyFans. These half-naked family members are cropping up in the safe space that is our Twitter timeline and people are… not okay with it.

Do you know who’s absolutely fine with it, though? Jake Herbert. One half of the father and son duo, Jake started his OnlyFans a few months back. At first, Jake was making around £8-10k a month off explicit shots and videos of him on his own. For anyone else, £8-10k a month might be enough. But Jake wasn’t satisfied. He knew he had to do something big to get people’s attention, so a few weeks ago he started bringing his dad in for his OnlyFans photoshoots. And boy did it work. You can see more of Jake’s Twitter profile here.

“Revenue has gone way up, I made nearly £11k in just one day yesterday,” Jake told The Tab, “I knew it would cause a fuss.” Jake had no qualms asking his dad to hop in on his OnlyFans shoots, and maintains that it was very chill. “I was like: ‘Yo dad wanna jump in a few OnlyFans pics, think it will go down well’ and he was like ‘yeah sure Jake’. It’s pretty basic.”

Jake also disputes any claims that the photos or weird or incestuous, saying: “It’s literally just a few pics of us flexing. We’ve never seen each other naked, the most he’s shown on my page is his ass.” But how far would Jake and his dad go to make money on the platform? “Furthest me and my dad would go is… well, you’ll have to subscribe to see.”

Jake and his father both have other jobs – Jake’s a naked butler on the side and his father is a plumber. Jake’s dad also has a girlfriend, but Jake says she’s fine with it. “Yeah she doesn’t care,” he said. “She just couldn’t believe how much money I was getting from it.”

It’s not just curiosity that’s driving his OnlyFans revenues up though – people genuinely want father son nude content on OnlyFans. “Yeah they’re going wild for it,” Jake told The Tab. “I just hope this carries on.”

Obviously, not everyone is keen to see this content on their timeline – much less pay for it. Many of the retweets which are responsible for Jake’s increased following were hateful comments and people mocking him and his father. But Jake says the people who are grossed out by it don’t bother him, as long as they’re retweeting it. “What people don’t realise is that retweeting it and hating on it is just promoting the page.”

As far as Jake is concerned, he got what he wanted: “I successfully baited the whole of Twitter.”

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