Private accommodation to offer refund after 100 students threaten to withhold rent

Nido student will be offering a partial refund to students that didn’t return to halls


A private accommodation provider in Newcastle is offering students a partial refund after over 100 students threatened to withhold their rent this month.

An open letter to Nido student, which has three student halls in Newcastle, was drafted by a law student at Northumbria University and gained 111 signatures from students planning to rent strike.

The strike came as students realised that rent allowances had been made for residents last academic year during the first lockdown, but nothing had been offered to residents this academic year even though many students are legally not allowed to return to their halls.

Aliya, who wrote the open letter, told The Tab she felt an urgency to take action because there is a “great anxiety hanging over [students’] heads.” She said: “No one was doing anything about the situation at Nido and I felt that as a law student I needed to step in and try to help myself alongside others. This is my passion.”

The Tab understands that Nido will be offering students some form of rental discount in the coming weeks.

A spokesperson for Nido Student told The Tab: “We have the utmost sympathy for students who, through no fault of their own, were unable to return to their accommodation this year due to government restrictions.

“As property managers of The Bridge, Stepney Yard and Union Square in Newcastle, we are actively working with the landlord of the Newcastle residences to agree to financial support for those students who have been unable to return to residence. Further details will be communicated to students within the coming weeks.”

Nido’s Union Square accommodation in Newcastle

“Private student residences are allowed to remain open throughout lockdown and our top priority continues to be safeguarding the wellbeing of our students — especially the many individuals who have remained in our residences during this difficult period. In Newcastle, we are working closely with Public Health England (PHE) and both universities, speaking with them on a weekly basis to share updates on the measures we have implemented.

“Our residence team continues to be available 24/7 to provide students with the support they need and to ensure our buildings remain operational. This includes daily deep-cleaning of communal and high-traffic areas, maintenance of the building, and an overall standard of service required to ensure students are kept safe and supported over the coming weeks and months.

“The Universities Minister is aware of the difficult situation students, operators and landlords find themselves in and has allocated a £70 million fund to support students studying in England and we would urge any student who is struggling financially to contact the student services department at their respective university to discuss further potential support.”

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