Maddie Perrett

Maddie Perrett

Maddie Perrett
Newcastle upon Tyne
Newcastle University

Agony Aunt, Hangxiety Helpline, Canva, Castle Leazes, meme-making, MAFS (Australia), Motherland and being from the south

  • Maddie Perrett is Co-Editor in Chief of The Newcastle Tab, where she oversees a team of editors, writers and content creators
  • Maddie enjoys writing opinion pieces and experience features; from reviewing the UK’s smallest gin bar to getting in the ring for 'Fight Club', she likes covering and taking part in local events
  • She also enjoys creating content for The Newcastle Tab's main instagram page which has just under 19k followers


Maddie joined The Newcastle Tab at the start of 2023 during her second year at uni and is now Co-Editor in Chief of the team


Maddie is in her final year at Newcastle University, working towards a BA (Hons) in Media, Communication and Cultural studies. After graduation, Maddie has incredibly high hopes of finding a job in the entertainment industry


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