Police burst in on students to break up party only to find them sat watching The Crown

Three police officers and a security guard burst into the kitchen giving students a fright

A group of Northumbria students were given the fright of their life last week after a security guard and three police officers burst into their kitchen thinking they were having a raucous party, only to discover the housemates sat peacefully watching an episode of The Crown.

“There was no knock or anything,” said first-year Northumbria student and The Bridge accommodation resident Sophie Douglas. “We were just sat in the kitchen of our flat when three police men and a security guard burst in. You already have to unlocked the front door to be in the kitchen, so they must have done that.

“They started questioning whether we’re having a party or playing music – but we were just watching The Crown.”

The students were intimidated by the sudden entry, which was made possible by a security guard who has now allegedly been removed from his position.

An email sent by accommodation provider Nido Student to The Bridge residents said: “The [security] guard did not follow our policies which caused several difficult situations where he allowed Northumbria Police to access several apartments without permission. I want to assure you I will not tolerate any member of staff or contractor violating these policies. This individual will no longer work on any Nido Student site.”

Northumbria Police were called over to help by the security guard after attending a domestic violence dispute nearby. The guard insisted that students within the accommodation were breaking Covid-19 rules, but police found no evidence of this.

A spokesperson for Northumbria Police told The Tab: “On Saturday night (November 7) we were called to the Stoddart Street area of Newcastle following a report of a violent domestic-related incident.

“While dealing with that separate incident, officers were approached by security staff at a neighbouring block of flats who requested assistance after suspecting a party was taking place in breach of Covid-19 legislation.

“Police were led to a number of flats by the security staff but none of those present were found to be breaching the restrictions. The officers offered advice to the occupants and apologised for any inconvenience caused.”

Sophie and her flatmates were startled and want people to know that not all students should be stereotyped as “crazy party animals”.

“Some of us just want to watch The Crown with a cuppa,” she said.

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