Tropiloco event by Loosedays set to expand outside of Newcastle due to growing popularity

The event has sold out almost every week since starting in July 2023


The popular events management company Loosedays are expanding their Monday night event Tropiloco to other cities such as Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester.

Their success has led to hosting their first ever warehouse event opening in Liverpool, on April 19th with an expected capacity of up to 3,000 people being their biggest ever venue.

After starting the event in July 2023, its popularity in Newcastle has gained the attention of students in other cities wanting more variety in their student nightlife.

The Newcastle Tab spoke to Loosedays’ representative, Jack Smillie, about the event travelling to new cities. Speaking about his vision to grow the party to new cities in the UK, he said: “We saw a huge potential in Liverpool’s nightlife.”

Jack described the scene in Liverpool and how they are taking advantage of large event spaces to improve student satisfaction during their time at university: “With approx 70,000 students but only one events company with a few generic nights a week, the music range and student nights on offer lag far behind what we’re used to in Newcastle.”

In the Toon, the event often hosts up to six different rooms with a range of music for all tastes in well known hotspots such as Howlers, ChaChaBuchi and The Social Club.

After adapting to the changing market following the post-lockdown boom back period, Loosedays aimed for better nightlife that met all students’ needs in terms of music taste and affordability, especially with the growing increase of living as a student.

The company itself occupy multiple cities such as Newcastle, Leeds and newly Manchester and Liverpool.

Loosedays has been with Leeds since 2021, with DVOTION at The Warehouse being their most popular event. The growth of the Tropiloco event in Newcastle has enabled them to extend their lineup in Leeds across four different clubs and warehouses in the city.

This comes after the closure of multiple events in the city including PRYZM, one of the biggest nightclubs across the country.

Tropiloco has become popular on social media too through Instagram and TikTok which has reached students in cities up and down the UK who have wanted the event in their cities.

The expansion across the North’s major cities has made Tropiloco the UK’s largest weekly student event brand.

The Loosedays team successfully hosted their first event at BaaBar, Liverpool at the end of January and have continued to sell out most weeks.

Tropiloco Leeds’ first event is planned for Monday 8th April at Space, with the pre-sale tickets being available to sign up for via their Instagram.

Manchester events are planned to begin in June as the countdown to summer comes closer, with multiple students finishing uni and celebrating graduations.

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