Calling all the hot girl runners: Here are the best Strava segments to run in the Toon

When the dating apps aren’t working, it’s time to look confused at a half marathon x


Why is everyone running? Whether they want to detox the trebs consumed at Soho on Wednesday night or make sure they can race away from their ex situationship in the queue for Casa – the running epidemic is real. Because I am a follower, who didn’t want to miss the memo, I have become one of those girls who run (with all the gear and no idea) then proceed to post the most average 4k time on Strava (shoutout to my loyal four Strava kudos warriors).

If you too are a victim of crippling FOMO (I know, who would’ve thought exercise FOMO was a thing) then this article is for you x


If you’re feeling like really pushing yourself and showing off, you can run from the centre of the Toon to Tynemouth (you’re in my thoughts and prayers). However, for my fellow beginner runners, get the Metro to Whitley Bay and then enjoy a scenic beach run to Tynemouth. The Victorian doctors were really onto something when they prescribed visits to the seaside. If you want to show off to the loyal five Strava followers even further, you could have a post-run sea dip (then you really are a special breed). I, however, would be treating myself to a sweet treat and watching – it’s all about balance. 

Jesmond Dene 

Instead of walking around Jesmond Dene after falling victim to one too many trebs on a reconnecting with a nature walk, try a hungover run around Jesmond Dene. Think of the aesthetic Insta Story!

Exhibition Park

A pretty obvious one to the runners of the toon. Exhibition Park is runners in the Toon second home. You can’t go wrong It’s nearby, flat and is an easy loop that doesn’t require much brain power. There is also something about the fear of who you might bump into that makes you run quicker. What better way to improve your pace? 

The Quayside 

Run across Millennium Bridge blasting your Spotify playlist and have your main character moment this deadline season. Whether it is midday, sunrise, or sunset, the Quayside is the perfect location if you fancy escaping the Jesmond bubble ( and going to spoons after). If you run here on a Sunday morning you can even go to the market and cosplay being a yummy mummy. The ultimate hangover cure…

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