From Tweed to TikTok stars: Everything to expect at the Newcastle races this May

This is my idea of a very nice day out x


Now that the student loan has finally dropped, it’s time to add yet another Schöffel to the collection as you gear up for everyone’s favourite event- Blinkers! With less than a week until you have the perfect excuse to ditch all assignments and *respectfully* get shit-faced, it’s important you know what’s in store. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at what you can expect from the races this May…

Rufus Rice

Yes, you read that correctly. None other than TikTok star and singing sensation, Rufus Rice, will be in attendance. Blinkers made the announcement on their iNstagram and TikTok last month and while I’m not too sure exactly on what’s been planned, you can guarantee the internet’s favourite posh boy will be gallivanting around Newcastle Racecourse and rizzing up your Mrs. in no time.

A new fairground ride

Arguably more entertaining than the horses themselves, the fairground ride is one of the highlights for many attending Blinkers and unlike those poor-placed bets you continue to make, this is money worth spending. The organisers have also announced they’ll be unleashing a new ride at next week’s event. Fingers crossed it’s a carousel.

Schöffels, Schöffels, Schöffels

In addition to the endless flat caps and faux fur you’ll find running around the tracks, there’s probably going to be a record-breaking number of Schöffels too.

Everyone in the Toon can agree that Blinkers is perhaps the only time and place where it is socially acceptable to wear this gilet. Moreover, if you get bored of betting, at least you can take a shot every time you see a Schöffel. Tweed count? Also very high.

Professional photos

To help capture all your best angles, the event will be kitted out with 360 degree cameras and professional photographers who will be in and amongst the crowds snapping some lovely candids of you and your mates. You can also expect a best dressed competition in association with Newcastle Fashion show.

A full house

With tickets almost completely sold out, the event is expecting a huge turnout of over 6,000 people. To fight your inevitable FOMO, you can purchase the last remaining tickets here.

Sounds like a good time to me.

For more information about Blinkers, check out their website.

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Featured image via TikTok @blinkersracing