Here are the seven best ways to prepare for spring in the Toon as a Newcastle student

Spring has nearly sprung!


The clocks are going forward on 31st March! War is over! No more leaving the last lecture of the day and having to walk home in the dark! Knowing English weather, we will not actually see many signs of Spring in the sky, but we can still feel an optimistic change in our mindsets. If you’re feeling like you need an extra push to get out of that winter slump, look no further… These are the seven best ways you can fully embrace spring in Newcastle as a student.

Visit the animals at Ouseburn Farm

Those who have been told that Portland Green is the worst accommodation, don’t listen. You are in such an ideal location. You’re only five minutes from Ouseburn, Newcastle’s most up-and-coming neighbourhood, which is full of cute shops, pubs, and walks, and boasts a community farm. I’m ashamed to say I only visited Ouseburn Farm once, but it was in spring and there were tiny lambs, as well as the usual pigs, goats, reptiles, bunnies. Name an animal and it’s there, really. I couldn’t recommend this enough, especially if, like me, you miss living in the countryside at home.

Walks around Jesmond Dene

My dream sunny spring morning after a night out: Grab an iced coffee and a pastry from Pink Lane, and go on a walk / debrief through Jesmond Dene. It is good for a breath of fresh air when the Toon is feeling a bit too busy for you. Another place I like to go and photosynthesise is in Exhibition Park – I’ll just find a bench and go and read my book there. It is always a good break from exam revision as well, to go to a nice green space and take some time for yourself.

Visit the beach: Cullercoats and Tynemouth

Since September, I have been an avid fan of weekly cold swims in King Edward’s Bay. As spring approaches and the weather gets warmer, the North Sea temperature increases from hypothermic to just incredibly bracing!! I love to follow up my swims with chips and mushy peas (goated combo) at Marshall’s, or a coffee and banana bread from Woods.

The Markets

Quayside Markets are on Sundays from 10am until 4pm, and are a great way to spend some time walking outside along the river, as well as buying local food, second hand clothes, and even getting your fortune told.

Another market I have been recently introduced to is Jesmond Food Market, which takes place on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month (10am until 3pm) on the Armstrong Bridge. These are always a good opportunity to buy foods that aren’t just packet noodles and frozen pizzas.

Walk and a pint

Growing up in the countryside, this was my whole childhood. As soon as it was a sunny day, we’d be on a stomp through woods and fields, and we would always finish off with a pub lunch and a few drinks. This is the most perfect combination and the way to my heart. If pints aren’t your thing, maybe try and catch the sunrise on an early morning walk, and end in a nice café for a hot drink. For walking routes, use apps such as Strava and AllTrails; I used the latter to take me on a walk along the Tyne to Wylam, would definitely recommend this route.


The one negative thing about the coming of Spring is the inevitable arrival of the dreaded exam season. Sorry to mention it so early on, but it is always good to be prepared. You can’t enjoy the warmer weather to its fullest if you’ve left all your work to the last minute. I would recommend, instead of locking yourself in the Philly Rob for all daylight hours, switching up where you study, and spending some time outside so you don’t go insane.

A spring clean

They say “Clean space = clean mind”. What better way to procrastinate those essays than by clearing all the empty vape boxes and ASOS parcels from your room? No, honestly though, having a tidy room will really help get you into the spring mood, and can boost productivity and enthusiasm towards learning. I know mine will be cluttered again as soon as I’m picking what to wear on a night out, but it’s the thought that counts right?

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