Newcastle Fashion Show to be held in summer for both Newcastle and Northumbria students

The event will give all students the opportunity to model


The Newcastle Fashion Show has recently been announced and is set to take place later this year involving students from both Newcastle and Northumbria University.

Created by the organisers of Blinkers Racing and Fight Night, the fashion show aims to bring both universities together and allow them to showcase their talents in regards to designing clothes and modelling.

The organisers have opened the event to everyone to have a wide range of diversity and inclusivity for those attending.

Likewise, with previous events, the theme of the fashion show is black tie and aims to have similar recognition as Blinkers and Fight Night both of which are popular amongst Newcastle and Northumbria students every year.

A proportion of the funds made from the event will also go to charity.

There are applications currently available for modelling, designing clothes and working backstage. There’s no experience needed to apply and positions are open to all who are interested via it’s Instagram.

The tickets for the fashion show will start at £10.

The location and date of the event are yet to be released.

To find out more information check out the Newcastle Fashion Show website or it’s Instagram page.

Featured image via Newcastle Fashion Show

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