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Inside the ‘toxic’ MAFS Australia 2024 boy’s club where grooms enabled ‘bad’ behaviour

Including one surprising friendship between two grooms

There are definitely some toxic grooms on MAFS Australia 2024, but it turns out there was a whole friendship group on the show where they all helped to enable their “bad behaviour.”

One cast member revealed on episode 357 of the So Dramatic! podcast: “Tim, Jono, Jack and Jayden were all best mates. Tim kept all of Jack’s secrets and never told them to anyone, not even to Sara. So even though Tim was the one who found out about the couple swap comment, he never told Sara, so she was genuinely shocked when Lauren told her at the dinner party.”

Another cast member revealed that Tim was constantly defending Jack “when he was in the firing line. The last dinner party was one of them, but they cut it all out. Probably because it doesn’t suit his nice guy edit.”

A third member of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast added: “Tim defended Jack all the time. They were best friends. He was always sucking up to him, trying to be his best mate. But they haven’t shown any of it.” Yikes!

And apparently, Tim’s friendship with Jack became a major issue in his relationship with Sara. The source revealed: “She’s a strong woman with strong morals and values, and she got the ick big time when she realised he was weak and had no strength of character. It was really disappointing. He has no opinion, backbone or integrity.”

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