This is exactly how a Jesmond ‘rah’ would dress on St Paddy’s Day

Kiss me I’m Irish x


St Patrick’s Day – the one day a year when it’s socially acceptable to be drunk by midday. It strangely feels like Fresher’s Week all over again. Be prepared to be scolded if you’re not wearing green, shame on you….

Since the toon will be packed on Sunday, these tips will help you spot your average Jesmond girly from a mile away.

Green skinny scarf

When will we ever see the end of the skinny scarves? The real rah girlies have a green one for St Paddy’s, a pink one for Valentine’s, and a red one for Christmas.

Green cargos

“Rah” girlies will not just be finding a random green top in their wardrobes, it’s imperative the outfit follows the SS24 trends. Even better if the cargos are camo print.

Irish boy in tow

If you’re really on it, you’ll be travelling to Belfast to get a Northern Irish lad straight from the source.

Green and orange bows in hair

The “bows on everything” trend is still going strong, and what better occasion to rep it than St Patrick’s Day. The real question is: Will you go for orange or green?

Green vape

Whoever started matching their vapes to their outfits was really onto something. Sunday calls for a lemon and lime, or a kiwi passionfruit guava.

Baby Guinness in hand

A real Jesmond “rah” girly would not be caught dead drinking a pint of Guinness. Who in their right mind would prefer that to Kahlúa and Bailey’s?

‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’ top

We don’t care that your great grandma’s grandma lived in Belfast, you grew up in Surrey. To be honest, these tops are actually so cute; the phrase relates to the legend of the Blarney Stone which is believed to bring luck to anyone who kisses it.

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