The age-old question tormenting all Newcastle students: Are they fit or just Irish?

Don’t let that sexy accent stop you from seeing clearly


Now that Valentine’s Day is out of the way, it’s finally time to focus on fun people’s favourite day of the year – St Paddy’s Day! What better way to celebrate than by reviewing our favourite Irish people – and testing the age-old question: Are they hot or are they just Irish?

Paul Mescal

I’m not even sure why I put this man’s name down as part of the list; the answer is so painstakingly obvious! Maybe his Irish traits like playing Gaelic football in tiny shorts (and of course his beautiful accent) do add to his appeal, but Paul Mescal is definitely hot.

It’s not only me who thinks so either, the rumours behind his constant state of running (spending the night with a lucky girl, then the next morning taking her for a walk in the park before legging it) caused a widespread improvement in 5k times among British women.

Barry Keoghan

“He’s creepy and he freaks you out, but it’s truthful and it’s honest,” says Martin McDonagh, who wrote Keoghan’s part for the film The Banshees of Inisherin. The only reason Dublin-born actor Barry Keoghan ever receives mixed reviews is over his appearance. He stands at 5’8; “fun-sized”, according to a GQ article. Personally, he is not my type, but after having seen the final scene of Saltburn, I can understand why some people have been going feral over.

Cillian Murphy

The real reason I binge-watched Peaky Blinders. Never have I ever been so attracted to a Brummy accent and a flat cap! (No, boys, you do not look this good when you wear one at the races, sorry). As incredible an actor as he is, Cillian Murphy as Oppenheimer was nowhere near as good-looking (yes I know that’s not the aim of the film) as he was in Peaky. My verdict is: Still hot.

Nadine Coyle

I’m sure more people would think this gorgeous lady was fit if they could understand what she’s saying through her incredibly thick Derry accent. Also, everyone is a sucker for a couple of red flags; her worst was being caught lying about her age so she could compete in a competition for which she had to be 18 years old, whilst she was only 16. A famous video shows her saying, “I’m Nadine Coyle. I’m from Lark Hill in Derry. Date of birth 15th of the sixth 1985, making me a Gemini, and… what date of birth did I say there?”

Jamie Dornan

He literally played Christian Grey in 50 Shades. He’s only on this list so I can add a hot photo of him (you’re welcome) xoxo.

Elijah Hewson (and bandmates)

Bono’s (of U2) son, Elijah Hewson is also a musician, in the band Inhaler. He is my new favourite nepo-baby; dark brown eyes, curly hair, and a way with words: “Spin me around, turn me upside down, You don’t want me to, I’ll pull the covers right up over your head” (yes I do want you to, please and thanks). I wonder if they need a groupie for their next tour..?

Maura Higgins

Never has anyone shouting insults at grown men on national TV been so attractive. The sassy Love Island bombshell, as well as ring girl and model, is from the Republic of Ireland. She is for sure hot; she’s currently coupled up with Chris Hemsworth’s stunt double, and she has previously been with Strictly pro Giovanni, and MK Dons player Connor Wickham. For further assurance she’s hot and not just Irish, Maura stated in an interview, “I’ve never struggled with boys.”

That Irish boy you’ve matched with on Hinge

Just like Adam from Bumble’s (iykyk) date at 8, many of us have fallen into the trap of swiping right on an Irish lad. He is usually the type of guy who makes it his only personality trait on dating apps, thinking he can do no wrong if he knows girls love his accent. But wait – don’t let it stop you from seeing clearly! The ginger hair, the love of rugby, and the Irish flag in his room may seem like positives, but this does not necessarily mean he’s fit x

Niall Horan

The younger me was very much a Zayn girl, but of course, I have always been able to appreciate Niall’s good looks and chilled-out nice guy aura. In an interview with Cosmo, Horan says, “I’m good at words of affirmation and I’m good at touch.” Interpret that how you will. Maybe being an ex-1D superfan is swaying my position on Niall, but I am fairly confident that most will agree – he is fit, not only because of his Irish accent, but also his style, the fact he can sing, and his deep blue puppy-dog eyes.

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