Here’s exactly what Jesmond bar you are based on your overall vibe

Soho Jesmond, Jam Jar and Bar Blanc – the unfiltered truth


The West Jesmond strip is rival to that of party destinations such as Malia, Ayia Napa and Ibiza (joke), and its multitude of pubs and bars offer a wide range of places for students to get absolutely shitfaced on your average Tuesday. Arguably, each bar has its own vibes and clientele…what kind of bar are you? From the beloved Osbournes to sport-ridden Bar Blanc, this is what vibes Jesmond’s finest gives off.


Anyone and absolutely everyone (on a Tuesday).

This bar is like the watering hole of a desert – except the desert is Jesmond and the watering hole is a suspiciously cheap pint of red lager. It attracts all students from everywhere – from Sandyford to Heaton, £2 Tuesdays does not discriminate. This has a multitude of vibes that can and will send you into a sensory overload on a Tuesday evening.

Bar Blanc

Are you a sweaty sportsman who likes to get the most feral kind of drunk at 6pm on a Wednesday?

Rugby, football and anything that possibly could involve a chant of ‘lads, lads, lads!” – I can only warn you, that is who you will find here. The vibes are certainly… something. Something that involves plenty of Lynx Africa, a Gilet and a weird boy musk of sweat. I would describe this as some sort of emasculated man cave?

I’ve been in once btw x

Spy Bar

For the classy ladies.

Spy bar! The place where dreams are made of x

It’s classy, sophisticated and I am a regular. Between raucous football matches on the telly, Spy Bar is like a low-key version of £2 Tuesdays at Osbournes. Great vibes all around – if you give off Spy Bar vibes, you’re fine.

Jam Jar

If anyone tells you you give off Jam Jar vibes, kiss them.

My light, my love, my life. Jam jar is for the big jacket, little scarf girlies and the IPA-loving men. It gives the cutesy vibe of fairy lights in jam jars – so the name is fitting. From Monday deals on burgers to Tuesday and Wednesday deals on “matchos” (literal unlimited nachos yes please), Jam Jar is the place to be.

Can you tell I am a die-hard fan?


Are you the kind of person that simply refuses to go home when the clock strikes 11 in Osbournes?

For the late-night stragglers and the drunken hooligans that got themselves kicked out of Osbournes…Quattro gives the vibes of the weird pub from home you tell everyone you dislike but secretly loooovvveee. As the bar opened latest on the Jesmond strip, it has a special place in all student’s hearts.

We miss you 🙁

Holy Hobo

An honorary mention to the one and only Holy Hobo… this gives the vibes of underage kids getting too drunk in a garage that is aesthetically decorated in fairy lights and well-places fake vines. Except all the underage kids are equally too drunk (slightly coked up?) students in a funky bar.

It’s the place of early nights (petition for holy hobo to stay open til 7am?????) and bad decisions – karaoke.

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