‘Wearing jeans in bed’: These are Newcastle Uni students’ biggest icks

Clothing in the bedroom and drinking milk are unpopular…


In the wake of Valentine’s, we asked what your icks are.. and icks were delivered. Some niche and some more widely agreed with, it seems as if students have disappointing standards and even worse icks – there is something so romantic about binning someone off because they ordered bangers and mash on a first date.

‘Wearing jeans in bed’

This is completely reasonable – jeans should never ever be allowed on the bed. Not even as an excuse to get someone’s pants off – get comfy or get out.

Also extra ick if they are so skinny that they need a shoe horn to get out of them x

‘Having multiple toothbrushes’

A seemingly very niche ick – I think? Maybe they are just really into their oral hygiene? Or maybe they like to use a particular toothbrush for each day of the week.

Or maybe they have a toothbrush for each one of their bitches – who knows? Thoughtful, at least.

‘Not liking real milk’

This is outrageous. As an almond milk girl, if this gives you the ick, it is goodbye. However, it sounds like anything other than “real” milk is not your cup of tea (lol) and that is okay!

Go find another cows-milk enthusiast to go and give the ick.

‘Vodka Soda Trebs’

Now this I can get behind. Some people apparently think it is an ick to drink fizzy gasoline and they wouldn’t be wrong.

‘Running up the stairs on all fours’

To be honest, I am not sure it would turn anyone on to go upstairs to bed and see their significant other crawling up the stairs like a ferret at the zoo.

Just don’t ask my housemates what they see at night x

‘Sheepish walking’

One person at Newcastle University would like people to stop shuffling and start walking. Out of respect. For themselves. Fair enough x

Ordering bangers and mash on a first date’

“Imagine hearing them ask the waitress for it tho” – No, I will not imagine this.

‘A 5am alarm… of a motivational speech’

Yeah no, this is an ick. What is wrong with the simple default that incites such anger you must wake up to hurl your phone across the room? If someone woke me up with a speech about motivation, I would have a horrible day. Out of spite.

‘Anyone who likes the Walton Library’

To be fair, everyone knows everyone attractive goes to the Phillip Robinson. Everyone.

When they ask you to cradle them after a nightmare x

I feel bad for whoever sent this in… I also feel bad for whoever this is about.


Mullets were reported as a serious ick, as told by our very reliable Instagram poll. Honestly surprising, as everyone and their uncle/grandma seems to be sporting the trendy hairstyle. But they aren’t for everyone, apparently.

Students stay icky, I guess xoxo

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