‘It’s literally just a game’: We asked Newcastle Uni students why they use Hinge

Whether its for marriage or a silly little game we found all the answers…


Dating at uni is daunting, and with Newcastle only having one campus there is a high probability of spotting a recent match – horrifying. However, Gen Z has moved on from the medieval likes of match.com (sorry divorcees) with 40% of Newcastle students currently owning a Hinge account. Hinge: the dating app “designed to be deleted”. Are you on Hinge, trying to find the love of your life but still wondering why you’re single? These answers may provide some explanation.

‘An ego boost’

Real.  At the same time, unfortunately:  

‘Getting humbled by mingers’

It truly is a mixed bag. A little bit of humbling is necessary but sometimes it’s WAY too far. Shoot your shot, I guess… 

‘Play 123 – you can pass on the first or take the second, but you’re stuck on the third’

Wow, you have truly redefined the meaning of a player. This sounds like the perfect post-debrief hungover activity with your housemates. 

‘Meeting boys for free drinks’

I’m stuck between labelling you the Uni version of Martin Lewis or just pure evil…

‘Laughing at people’

This is your sign to check if your profile is giving laugh with me, not at me vibes. It’s a harsh world out there.  

‘It’s literally just a game to me’

Subway Surfers, move aside. A game of smash or pass is much more entertaining. Characters on Hinge aren’t real people anyway.  

‘Dating and hoping to find a relationship’

Are you sponsored by Hinge?  What a model answer. I hope you find someone else using Hinge for the right reason. You deserve it.  

‘Joint accounts for double dates’

Double dates sound like so much fun. First dates are scary enough, who doesn’t want a bit of moral support from your bestie? Let’s hope there’s not a mix-up with who you fancy though… 

‘Chatting sometimes meeting’

This is a more uni-friendly model answer. You never know! 

‘Changing the location to browse at the Aussies’

Why look through all the pale, malnourished Newcastle students when you could try your chances with a hot, tanned surfer? They may be a 20-hour flight away, rather than a two-minute dash across Jesmond, but it’s good to expand your horizons…

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