From Leazes rahs to long walks: Here’s what it’s really like living in Spital Tongues

Where’s that? Ohhhhhhh


Choosing to live in Spital Tongues after your first year of uni is somewhat of a rogue choice, but also may or may not be a stroke of genius. I’ll let you decide. After all, we are saving money compared to the daylight robbery of Jesmond…

1. Feeling like a fresher

With Castle Leazes, Park View and Marris House on your doorstep, you are inevitably surrounded. The consequence of cheaper rent is to be surrounded by silly freshers stocking up for their flat pres in Londis, and the overarching feeling that you’ve not yet fully fulfilled the experience of being a mature second/third year. Not to mention living near none of your coursemates who have all favoured Jesmond (basic).

To make matters worse, you are constantly exposed to Leazes Rahs constantly walking past your house discussing the latest goss- very loudly. It’s “Made in Chelsea” irl.

2. The infamous Ricky Road trek

Probably one of the most scarring experiences of living in Spital Tongues (for your calves) is the trek up and down Richardson Road. The quickest way to get into the city centre is also the most dreaded, and the sight of The Trent House at the end is indescribable. What seems like the longest road in Newcastle is something Spital Tongues residents are bound to not miss, however, the free daily leg workout will be in no doubt a loss.

3. A medics dream

It would be dishonourable to not acknowledge that Spital Tongues is the perfect location for medics. Being a five minute walk from the med school means our clever friends can simply roll out of bed and rock up to their 9am with a full eight hours. The quietness that the depths of Spital Tongues offer provides optimal revision conditions, and the closeness of Exhibition and Leazes Park gives the opportunity to Touch Grass.

4. The Pub Debate

The lack of pubs nearby is one of Spital Tongues’ main downfalls – it’s a far cry from the bright lights of Osborne Road. Your two choices are the Cosy Dove and North Terrace; my personal preference is burning my bank account on a Pizza and Pint in North Terrace over an evening swarming through the smell of baccy with our slightly posh freshers to enter the Dove.

Not to fear though, if you’re brave enough to make the Ricky Road trek then the world is your oyster.

5. The sports centre

The location of the sports centre just five minutes from Spital Tongues is perfect for actually getting the most out of your sports membership – who can really be bothered to walk 30 minutes for leg day?

Not to mention it provides a sense of superiority and dedication for easily being able to make sports club training sessions. It’s such a shame that you can’t go to those sports socials in Jesmond without having to spend an insane amount of money on Ubers.

6. St James’ Park

A pro (or con – Howay the lads) of living in Spital Tongues is being so close to St James’ Park. Living next to such an iconic stadium gives you easy access to hear world-class football or Sam Fender’s voice right from your bedroom.

The hustle and bustle of a Toon match day is outside your doorstep – whether you’re grabbing a burger from the loud man outside the Trent, or stepping inside the ground to watch a certain blonde Scouser and tall Swede drop a masterclass. My Geordie boyfriend insisted on that sentence. Sunderland til’ I die.

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