These 24 memes about stonks are more inflated than the Gamestop stock price

That’s some economonomomonics

A bunch of Reddit users has driven up the stock price of Gamestop (bit on the nose, isn’t it) because they saw hedge funds buying shares to short sell them. This is, what Reddit users probably like to call, a major cuck move. They have cucked the hedge fund and they intend to keep cucking them by banding together to drive the share price up until it crashes. This is, objectively, not very funny. Because I don’t know if you’ve done an Economics degree, but as someone who has, I can tell you that Economics is not a very funny subject. It is actually decidedly unfunny and you fall asleep in lectures a lot and your mates take pictures of you asleep in lectures because that’s the only funny thing about economics lectures.

However, in this instance, the unique combo of stonks, Gamestop and Reddit users have forged to create some truly brilliant memes. It’s divine. It’s bullish. Or bearish. I actually never learned what those mean. Anyway. I come to you on this chilly Thursday morning to show you my collection of 34 Gamestop stock market memes, and you have come to look upon them, because none of us having anything better to do. J’adore.

1. Rob Delaney can’t buy his boat 🙁 guess you’d call that a SUNK cost haha economics jokes x

2. *wipes tear* That’s beautiful

3. I wish I had six knuckles so I could get STONKS tattooed

4. They’ll probably buy CeX shares instead by accident

5. Oh my god


7. The Wolf of Game Stop Stock Street

8. This economonomics don’t make no sense


10. *puffs on cigar* Buy low sell high!

11. I don’t really know what this means but I know it’s funny

12. Didn’t think about that, did ya!

13. Ah, yes

14. You tell em Margot

15. An emotional journey x

16. Please

17. Less cuck more Zuck

18. Can’t wait to rewatch The Big Short tonight. That’s not a joke I’m legit going to do it. I don’t have much to look forward to these days

19. The beta becometh the alpha

20. Ugh, GameStop stock, you’re so big

21. The only way to correctly consume news

22. God I love this

23. Fight, fight, fight!

24. I’ve done my bit, Viva La Gamestopé

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