QUIZ: Can you correctly guess the names of these Love Actually characters?

So it turns out Kiera Knightley’s character’s name is not actually ‘Kiera Knightley’

Right so, we all know Love Actually inside out and upside down, there’s no denying it. It’s the British Christmas film of choice. It’s more directly related to the festive season in the UK than the actual Bible by now, and that’s just a fact. And as you gleefully rewatch it with your friends and fam and joke about Liam Neeson being a bit of a daddy (who said that? Couldn’t be me x), Emma Thompson crying and Kiera Knightley saying “I look rather pretty”, you ignore one crucial thing.

None of us know any of their names.

Like, for real, what’s the name of Rowan Atkinson’s shop assistant character? Or Colin Firth? Or Billy Nighy? Or Kiera Knightley’s husband? I’ll give you a tip – they aren’t Rowan Atkinson, Colin Firth, Bill Nighy and Kiera Knightley’s husband. They have actual character names we’ve all been neglecting for years, choosing to refer to them as their actors instead. You’d have to be a literal elite Love Actually fan to know Alan Rickman’s REAL name in the film. Every Tom, Dick and Harry can name Colin Frissle, sure, he’s the BT advert man. But what about the others? Let’s put it to the test, how many do you really know?

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