There’s a new dating app where you can only communicate via voice notes

Not sure if I hate it… or love it?

A new dating app has been released which only allows matches to communicate via voice notes, and honestly, I’m completely conflicted.

The app, called String, encourages users to “Date With Your Voice”. It was set up by two graduates who were inspired by the way the nature of dating changed amidst the pandemic. Tinashe, one of the founders, told The Tab: “The idea came about as a result of using dating apps and realising it’s pretty difficult to get your whole personality across through text messages.

“Texting a friend is easy and feels natural because you already know them and understand their personality, sarcasm and jokes. But doing the same with a stranger you’ve never spoken with is a lot more difficult. So why not do the natural thing and use your voice to communicate? We think voice notes allow people to show their true personality in a much more fun and impactful way.”

Tinashe says they expect the app to be a hit with students, who are voice noting at an increasing amount. I mean, we are the generation of voice notes – but everyone knows voice notes are always extremely useful for one person (the sender) and extremely annoying for another (the receiver). Imagine having to pop into another room every time you want to respond to your matches. Stressful.

So what do uni students think of a voice note dating app? “In all honesty I’m not a massive fan of dating apps,” Sheffield Hallam student Sophie told The Tab. “I prefer to get to know someone in person before pursuing anything with anyone in a romantic way. But the concept of having a dating app where you can interact just through voice notes would be something I’d be much more up for trying out. I think it’d make it more intimate and more like a real convo compared to the standard ‘hey wuu2’ message on tinder or the cringey chat up line. And… if they have a fit voice that’s obviously a bonus.”

But some are less convinced. Hannah, a Sheffield Uni student, said: “Not gonna lie but I’d never reply to anyone on that app. The concept is good but I’d get well overwhelmed and never listen to their voice note, especially if it was a long one. But that’s because I send voice notes like I’m hosting a podcast and then when I receive one it’s like you’ve told me I have to sit an exam.” Well, jury’s out on this one. Guess we’ll just have to see how unselfish we can be with our voice note listening habits when it’s in the name of love.

String, the voice note dating app, is available to download on the App Store and Google Play store.

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